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Now that I'm sober again I know I need to find people who are supportive of my recovery.  I come from a family of alcoholic and I'm the only one in recovery.  I don't talk about it with them, I just refuse the drinks they offer me and they know something is up but they don't ask.  I was sober for almost two years before I relapsed.  I told my family then, and it was very uncomfortable.  My mom resented it, because being supportive would mean she would have to think about her alcoholism. The same goes with my drinker friends.  They all stopped talking to me when I was sober previously.  It hurt a lot.

My delimina is; how do I meet sober people since I don't go to AA meetings?  I live in a small town and most of the AA'ers are die hards.  I don't want to work the steps because I don't think they are helpful for me.  They don't address the emotional issues and lifestyle changes that I think are essential for recovery.  They are good for keeping up motivation so I went for awhile but when I declined repeated attempts to 'be my sponsor' they stopped talking to me.  

Fortunately my husband is very supportive but I also need girlfriends to confide in.  Anyone have any ideas?
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