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Anyone ever felt "drawn" to a light/tunnel...

Just wanted to share a few things on here and ask if anyone has experienced one of them.

I wasnt too well at the time, suffering from extremely high blood pressure and was having chest pains.  I went to bed and during the night remembering waking then falling asleep on and off... I think remember feeling as if i was sooo heavy on the bed and then being drawn through a kind of tunnel.  It didnt feel frightening, far from it, I could very easily have allowed myself to just go with it.... it felt safe and inviting... but part of me was thinking, No i shouldnt go.  I cant go. and fought myself to keep back.  A very weird experience, but not knowing if it was part of a dream of not.... but in a weird way it made me not afraid if it was to happen again.
Anyone else had this happen?

also, while i;m posting, i will say a few things my sister has experienced.
She seems very "intouch" with paranormal/spiritual things.  
I have been with her once and experienced exactly the same as her, but i've never on my own.

Just last month she was on holiday with a friend and she saw fingers in her friends hair as they were sitting having a drink beside the pool.  As if messing her hair up in a playful way!. She said to me, i kind of laughed and thought who on earth is that... but there was no one there.  At the very same time, her friend almost freaked, jumped up and looked behind her, and my sis said "did you feel as if someone was putting their fingers through your hair" and she said "YES!!"... very weird, as no one was near them at all. Not a person in sight.

I was with her once and we went away for the weekend and staying in an apartment, and we were talking about a friend of ours who'd lost his sister to breast cancer.  We were talking on and on, then moved on to other subjects, putting the world to rights....and we were up talking like this for a good few hours.  Usually going over the same ground twice haha.
Anyway.... she was on one double settee, i was kind of to the side of her on the other settee and there was this almighty SIGHHHHHHHHHH between us, as if someone was really sick of us....then a "TUTT" and another long sighhh.  To be honest it sounded like our mother, she would do that.
She looked at me and i looked at her and i said, did you hear that?? what did you hear?
we both heard the same thing.
I had my husband go round and check on our mother first thing the next morning, she was fine.... so who our visitor was I will never know.

My sis has had a few other things happen, but i myself havent.
So seems she is the one who connects to them.

Loving this group by the way..... :))) x

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that was very interesting it shows folks do see' a lot of things, I cant say I ever have had any ;sighting but many do ,'  but I do know that telepathy and ESP are real..My granma used to go to Seances... HG Wells sometime attended them it was in the1940's that was in England ...they used to try to get the dead to speak to them ...
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Wow, that is interesting stuff. I've had some experiences that are unusual and strange. But not exactly the same as what you describe.

But something very very strange happened about 2 nights ago. I was sitting at my laptop, just like I am now, in the same room, doing the Dogs forum, when a large "wisp" of grey stuff came from my right, and towards me the fizzled out over the laptop. It looked like a big wisp of smoke. But there WAS no smoke anywhere that night. I have no idea what that was.
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