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Blue Light Before Death

Hello, I’ve worked as a RN for many years and have had some odd experiences.  One thing that occurred frequently was what I call Blue Lights. (I'm not sure what the given name is for this)  Many times when I was walking down the hallway I’d see what looked like a bright streak of blue lightening that would shoot into one room or another.  Which ever room the blue light shot into, you could guarantee the patient in that room would die that night.  Has anyone else experienced this?  Does anyone know why this happens?  Is there a more proper name for what I saw other than what I’ve been referring to it as?  
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I don't know what it is but that is very interesting.  I recently saw a ghost hunter type show on TV.  On the Travel Channel I believe.  The team was made up of ER and Surgical personnel (nurses, doctors, techs, etc.) who have had similar experiences to yours. This is definitely something that should be investigated.  I'd love to hear from other medical personnel.  This doesn't seem to be a rare occurrence.
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wow that is interesting, does the light seem to emanate from the patient or would it have been around the room .?
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Sara- I know others at the facilities seen it as well because we always discussed it.  If someone seen it when others weren't around etc.  they tell the others to be prepared because "Mr or Mrs Whoever" or someone in room whatever, was most likely going to die tonight.  It would happen within a 24 hour period and if your shift was about over it would become part of the shift report because if they didn't pass away yet, the next shift knew to be on alert.    

Marg- No, it didn't emanate from the patient.  You would see it in the hallways and it looked just like a blue streak of lightening that was pointing the way to a particular room.  A lot of times like at the nursing homes you had 2 patients to a room and didn't know which one it was going to be, just that one from that room was going to.

Anybody else who has seen this or anything unusual, please let us know about your experiences.  Thank You.
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wow, thats is fascinating.  It must the what the person nearing death experiences from the other side of that....being drawn to a light/tunnel of light etc...

very very interesting.
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Hello Denise, Having seen this phenomenon with my own eyes many times. It always fascinates and saddens me when it occurs because I know the loss of a patient is inevitable in the very near future, and there is a family out there that will be grieving that loss.    I still continue to question what exactly it is, or why it happens, but may never know the real reasons.   Thank you for offering your theory of what it may be related to.  Your theory is as good of a possibility as any, and who knows, that may be exactly what is going on when it happens. Have A Nice Night, and God Bless.  
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Have to ask it, were any of the patients aware of the light ? I would think it would be very comforting if there were aware of a higher power if thats what it is ...
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No, I don't think any patients were aware Marg.  If they were aware they never mentioned it to us, and of course, not to upset them, we didn't mention it to them either.    The lights were seen in the hallways, as if pointing and saying "Hey, look here, we will be taking someone from this room tonight," or possibly telling some higher power than us that this is the room they will be collecting a soul from tonight," I really am not sure?  

Although, the Blue Lights were visible to a large number of people in that particular hallway,  at the exact time of occurrence, and we learned quickly what the end result from it would be, I'm still not absolutely sure it was there for our benefit, or as a warning to us.    

We did, however, have a staff member at one of the facilities that was familiar with the meaning of seeing the Blue Lights whose father was a resident there in a private room.  Her father was pointed out on one of the night shifts that I was working, and I did call her and tell her what I had seen, so she could come in and tell him good bye.  
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Hi I'm a nurse and have seen a faint blue glow on my patients room for the last few nights but they've been fine. Does anyone have any experience of this?

Does the light become more intense and defined the closer they are to death? This patient is pretty ill and I've had my suspicions regarding their prognosis
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