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I'm loving this group already!

Wow...a group of people like me! I have a book full of stories, but my family rarely believes me...except my granddaughter who is like me....or except when they happen to be with me and witness the same things.  I have always been able to "see" ghost energy when I close my eyes...it's a bit like very beautiful bright lights of varying colors...almost irridescent.  I have been able to understand messages from these lights in the past.  I am much older now and, after living a life of many other different types of gift, the lights have returned just recently.  I was at a hotel in Oklahoma City by myself at a writer's conference.  I was just about to fall asleep when I heard something next to the bed.  I turned and stared into the dark to see if I could see anything.  Suddenly, the lamp turned itself on...hmmm. I stared at it for a few seconds trying to figure out how that happened.  I had actually heard the click of the switch.  I turned it off. So, I just laid down and turned over and began to fall to sleep again.  Click! Again! This time I sat up and spoke to the air..."OK, cut it out! I'm trying to get some sleep!" When I laid down, I saw the colored light as I closed my eyes.  It was the most beautiful blue.  The next day at the conference I saw a man with a t-shirt that said Oklahoma Paranormal Society.  I told him about the night before.  I had visited with him the day before. He told me he had been ghost hunting the weekend before and it was not uncommon for ghosts to follow him home and around until they found someone they liked better...that would be me.  They say that ghosts are attracted to those who can sense them and just want attention. I believe it.
A month later, my sister and I went to Las Vegas and stayed at the Hilton there. When we tried to get into the room, the key card would not work.  Usually, if it is the wrong key, it will blink red, but this was blinking red and yellow which meant that someone was in the room and the door was bolted from inside.  We went down and got new keys...same thing. Finally, after trying about 10 times, we got the door to open.  That night when we went to bed, I closed my eyes and saw a brilliant bluish purple light.  I said to my sister in the other bed "We are not alone in here." She said "yes, I know...I saw a shadow float across the ceiling a few seconds ago."  Well, that was the beginning of a very interesting trip to Vegas.  The next morning, as we were putting on our makeup, my sister was sitting in a nice chair with arms.  She set her glasses on the chair arm and then could not find them.  She got me to come help her look for them.  We looked all over and under the chair and in the cushions..no glasses.  So, said to the room..."OK...very funny...give them back." We turned around and the glasses were right where my sister had left them.  Then, the ghost hid her bra...same thing.  We decided that it must be a dirty old man ghost. And it was only picking on my sister.  Every time we came to the door, my sister tried her key over and over and it would not work...(we went and got new keys 3 times). Then, I would use mine or I would use hers and it would let us in.  Once, my sister was trying her key and it was not working.  She said "if you let me in I'll let you see my booty!" and the door opened. Yep...dirty old man ghost. The 3rd night, he went and brought all his friends to introduce them to me.  I closed my eyes and saw a beautiful light show as over and over all these different colors flowed in front of me for about 20 minutes....gorgeous light show.  The next day, as we were going out of the room, I said,"see you later, ghost" and we both heard "Ben".  He had just told us his name. After that, when we came to the room to try the key and it would not let us in, if we said "let us in ghost", it would not let us in.  If we said "let us in, Ben" it let even my sister's key work.  By the time we left (we stayed 5 nights) we were quite used to Ben and even told him goodbye.  I just think it was someone who had died in the hotel and decided to stay where he had had such a good time.
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Goodness me rox that is so interesting is that what we call a poltergist , moving things around, ghost energy' I guess it must have energy to be there, what is the theory here that they are from dead people who dont leave this earth?
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In all the experience I have had with these things, I have found that there are various possible reasons for spirits not leaving.  Some are (like this one) drawn to a place where they had a great time in their lives.  Others are confused, like people who died suddenly and do not really get that they are dead.  Sadly, I have found children to be in this group. Just trying to find their parents.  Others have been very bad in life and refuse to cross over because they know where they will go.  That may explain why so many obvious ghosts seem to be mean and like to scare people.  All of this is just the conclusion I have drawn on my own.  I know that once my grandmother came back to help me through a really hard time in my life when my husband was cheating on me.  She managed to get his computer password on the screen late at night and then woke me up and got me to find it...very revealing...actually it saved our marriage as I confronted him immediately and he stopped. There is so much to learn. We see through a glass dimly....
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We do indeed, I know telepathy exists I will sort a story out from experiences my mom had she told me about,you must be a 'sensitive' is that the right term ,maybe someone in sympathy makes more sense..it does seem sad that children would be seen more perhaps as you say they are looking for parents.
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Wow I found your stories to be very interesting... Maybe you could help me sort out the experiences that I have had and help me gain better understanding of them all.. I hope to hear from you
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any more roxstua ?
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Hello ladies!

I have always followed many stories posted and though I never posted my own, (and I have so many and recently in my newest pregnancy many more) it warms me to know that others have had so similar experiences.  One thing that I must say is, it was such a task trying to get my own husband to believe or at least understand the many experiences I have had until the day he finally experienced them right along with me.  It changed him from a total skeptic to a complete believer after so many years.  

Another thing that I think important to say is, for myself (being a police officer) naturally I don't tend to elaborate on or about my personal experiences but I have had so many as a teenager and sporadically through out adult hood it's often hard to dismiss.  Nothing surprised me more then to have so many occurrences happen when I became pregnant with my first son and after I had three miscarriages.  Now being pregnant once again, the activity level that has been occurring has been somewhat overwhelming so much so that I had to start a "paranormal log" to keep track of it all.  Luckily (as I mentioned), my husband and family have been around to witness the more recent events and for me it is comforting to know they can't think I am a crazy cop anymore then think they themselves are "crazy".
I have finally realized, it's wonderful to be able to share with people (firstly who are not simply exaggerating) rather then keep it all to ourselves.  Though often I do find that it is hard to choose when and whom we can share these kinds of details with.  I have never felt that the entities, spirits or ghosts that make themselves known around my family are harmful (but again, nothing terrible has ever occurred to me/us personally) but safety is always my first concern.  I have never asked them to "leave" simply because they only do things that haven't been harmful or worrisome but I hope whomever these entities are, they are not trapped or hurting for lack of appropriate or correct words.  Without sounding over the edge, one family member actually suggested that one of the entities that remains here in our home might be one of the babies I lost due to a fetal demise.  Because I have no idea on that matter, and though it sounded kind of "questionable?" to me, it's likely also one of the reasons I haven't asked it to leave.  That same family member felt it appropriate to mention as though it might have been our first son's (who was prenatally diagnosed with Down syndrome) guardian angel.
On a spiritual level, I am not sure where to stand on the matter but I do know that paranormal occurrences do happen and if they had not happened to me I would likely be suspect on the matter.  I am a very scientific person and when it comes to the supernatural I have to laugh at those who say, "Scientifically I need proof in order to believe" but on a scientific level and something that was taught to me in University, "Matter can not disappear and energy can not be added or removed only transferred" so with that in my mind, when a person dies or ceases to be, I don't think it would make much sense to say that they just disappear!  They must go somewhere or transform into something, if all matter in the universe is constant!  I do believe, just because we or someone can't see something, to me it doesn't mean it isn't there.

Once again, I am tickled and thankful to see what others have experienced.  It certainly continues to validate everything else (not that I would need further validation) that has happened to me since being a small child.

Sandi (Dragon1973)
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Sandi, Thank you for sharing this. First I'd like to say I'm so sorry for your losses, that must have been so difficult for you.  I agree so much with what you said in your post. It is very difficult to dismiss the experiences you have had, and are still having.  There are times you really need and want someone to talk to about what the heck your have experienced during childhood, or the night before etc. Only to realize you feel very isolated from talking to those around you.  It takes a ton of courage to bring the subject up to start with. LOL it's not just something you can include in your everyday conversation. Is it?  Then they look at you, or start acting like you are crazy or lying, when you know for a fact what you've had happen is very real, not to mention very frightening at times too.  

The reason I know this is because I've had experiences since childhood too and have run into that same problem many times.  I've run across a few that I felt I could confide in, only to realize I was wrong.  There are very few that knows my entire story because of those reasons.  I'm really glad your husband has gotten a 1st hand experience too.  Mine had already had some of his own experiences prior to us getting together, and has had many more since. Having your husband etc. to talk to, knowing he believes you and understands what you are living with, makes life so much easier. Doesn't it?  

LOL My poor old dad, when he was alive, was a non believer too.  Bless His Heart he learned the hard way when Mom paid him a visit one night. He came to my house the next day, and was telling me all about it.  It had scared the crap out of him, I consoled him but had to laugh too because I'd tried to convince him she had visited me many times, and he refused to believe me.  

I still teeter on whether to tell my entire story, or not, so I keep putting it off.  I so want others to be aware there is so much more out there, more than what they are able to see around them.  I believe my story might help some better understand that.  But, I'm holding off right now because I have somewhere I've been being spiritually pulled to for over a year now, and I'm going on the 18th of March. I'm hoping whatever the reason I'm suppose to go there and what is learned there will help me decide for sure.   I'll just have to wait and see. I suppose.  Thanks again for sharing your post. Best of Luck with your pregnancy Hun.   I Hope You Have A Wonderful Night, and God Bless Brenda
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tell it Brenda tell it .....well when you are ready of course, I just love hearing these stories , I have not seen anything that could be similar, mostly my experience is ESP and awareness .I find it facinating to hear what they look' like if they have  a definition as in figure or just a whisp of smoke .
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Hello Marg, I'm planning to tell my story after I go where I've received a spiritual message to go on the 18th of March, unless I'm told otherwise while I'm there.  I need to go there 1st to find out why I'm being sent there in the 1st place.  I'll try to explain it all soon I promise, but feel I have to wait until after that.  Hopefully, I'll have more answers at that time too.   LOL Dave's told me where to go several times too, but his message just doesn't hold the same weight as my dead mom's messages do LOL.    Hugs and God Bless Brenda
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