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Small Dark Shadowy Spirit Figures

Hello, I have had encounters with Spirits all my life, some familiar, some unfamiliar, some good and some evil.  I have seen what I call blue lights - (not sure if there is another name for them), and seen spiritual oras many many times.  I have felt Spirits,  seen them, been touched by them etc. and even have taken a recent picture 10-10-10 of a Spirit that I am 100% sure is my mother, so of course, I am a huge believer.  Sometime in the near future, I will try to break some of my encounters down into several different discussions for those of you who are interested.  

My question today,however, is for a friend of mine.  Although, I have experienced a lot of different types of Spiritual manifestations, I personally have not encounter these. She and her husband have many times daily since moving to this house 6 months ago seen these small dark shadowy figures. She has a door in a closet of her house that leads down into the cellar, and this appears to be their passageway into and out of her home-we suspect it is a portal due to the large number of them.    She too has had a lifetime of various Spiritual encounters but these are new to her, as well.  They are not human (or of a person), they are not an animal, but are very small, dark,  upright walking creatures that can run like the wind.  Although they have never physically attacked the family, we both suspect they are demonic in nature.  She refers to them merely as "The Small Dark Shadows" and would like to know, as would I, if these creatures have a proper name so more research can be done on them.  

We would appreciate any info.from anyone that knows what the real name of them are, has had any experiences with these creatures, understands why they are there, knows for sure whether they are indeed demonic or not, or knows what type of intervention is needed to get rid of them-she has had the home cleansed once already, but they didn't leave.   Please let me know and I'll pass the info to her.  Have A Wonderful Night!  Thanks and God Bless.
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goodness thats interesting, does it frighten you ,I must say I havent heard of it, but maybe others on here have .
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Hello Marg, It's a very good friend of mine who is having to deal with these things, but if they were in my house I believe I'd be very frightened, especially with the number of them.  She said there were at least 8 of them that they seen over the weekend. To me, by not knowing what they are and what their intentions are that is 8 too many.  

I did read a post on another site last night by another woman who is experiencing the same creatures and is searching for answers too.  Maybe someone can give me some insight to pass along to my friend and the other woman too.  Have A Wonderful Night and God Bless
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It does sound demonic. You might want to sprinkle blessed salts along the areas you want them confined and restricted from. Good luck.
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Thank You I will pass that suggestion along to her and see if it helps. Have A Wonderful Night and  God Bless
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