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Where's everyone?

It's been a while since I've posted but I've had 2 experiences that I just want to bring up or talk about.  I think the two are related somehow.

My wife works at a residential school for handicapped and troubled youth.  She teaches life skills with a particular group of kids.  There are 2 shifts, so the kids have to adapt to new staff every 4 days.  Anyhow, there was a horrible accident at work and someone died, unexpectedly.  This person was someone my wife worked with, and it affected her and the people she works with on different levels.

Anyhow, the morning of the passing... it was "our" weekend, so the wife and I were lying in bed planning out the weekend when something fell in the bathroom.  No mistaking it... something crashed to the floor.  The wife asked, "what was that?".  I had no clue, so I went to investigate.  As soon as I got up, my wife's phone rang and she received the news about this persons passing.  

While investigating, I found nothing that had fallen.... nothing fell over, nothing was out of place.  As I entered the bedroom from the bathroom, I could see that my wife had received bad news.... The official time of death was marked at the same time that the noise happened at my house.....

Fast forward one week.  It's our weekend again and we are yet again trying to get things lined out.  She was at the table doing something and I was in the kitchen.  We were talking back and fourth and we heard another item fall and hit the floor.  Completely different sound.... when I walked around the counter to see what it was, there was a collectable Coke a Cola bottle on the floor.  This was not just an item falling off the counter.... the item was in a place where falling would have been impossible.  We didn't have an earth quake, there was absolutely no movement anywhere near this item, and the item "fell" an impossible distance away from where it originally was.

I tried to recreate the event for about 10 minutes.  There is no way this bottle could have fallen on the carpet, 3+ feel from the counter it was on....

Anyhow, I felt privledged to have that happen,
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