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grandma paying a visit?

I live in a Duplex, its like two houses connected into one. I own both sides. my family and i live on one side and my grandma used to live on the other (she owned them) she passed in 08 (miss ya gran) and we have been renting that side out since then. the family that lives in there is hatian, they kill their own chickens, and burn books and sign very loud, they had family come over after the earthquakes in haiti, these people were stroke victims,could barely walk or talk, they were burried under ground for 7 days, it was truly amazing. anyway they tell me ALL the time that they see my grandma, they see her walking up and down the house at night time, they talk to her and tell her they are not afraid of her. when they have guest over , the guest say that the house is hounted and they have ghost.

im just wondering why doesnt she come visit me? or my mom?...we still live here, she knows where it is......my cousins,aunt and my sister all have said she has come to visit them and done little things in their houses or in their dreams.......i want a visit!......none of them EVER vist her grave, just me, all the time. i dont know why she doesnt come visit me and sometimes it bothers me........

as i sit here, a hand made butterfly from italy (was my grandma's always hung in her house) just fell off the wall.......kinda freaky.......was that a sign?

i miss you grandma!.....come for a visit!....xoxoxoxox......

anyone else have stories of being visited?
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Well I think my friend Peter visited twice, and also I think my dh visited once or twice but most of the time I feel nothing from them. I don't know how it works "on the other side" Maybe their perception of time and space is very different
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Hey turkee23.

The connections are kind of mystical.
There is no logic there. And no one can will this either.
I connect with Spirits fairly easily.
I connect with my Grandma all the time. She's one of my Spirit guides.
She's around permanently. She comes to help at the speed of light!
I don't bother to ask anymore.
Do not feel bad. Your Grandma is around you. Definitely!  
Is your mind too busy perhaps? Thoughts coming and going? Things troubling you?
Too much going on with your life?
That could be a sign, why you are not able to sense her.
In the Spirit world it is just pure Energy. There's no good or bad Energy.
It's how we use it that makes the difference.
With meditation one can quiet the mind, and it's within the silence of the mind,
that the communication with the Spirit world happens. Just like when you dream.

Ask your Spirit Guide(s) or your Angels to help you. That's what they do!
They are around  to help with anything our Spirit wants. Try it!
Just ask them to help you experience the presence of your Grandma.
And give it a little time. Make sure you're open and you're paying attention to subtle
little things. That's your test.
Raphael is your Archangel. You can ask him for guidance- re: health issues.
Have you been Praying? There's an Echo. Your Prayer will be answered soon!

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I have posted a question in this forum and hope that maybe you might shed some light it.  I feel as though I'm almost at a loss for answers.  Can you please help?  Thanks.
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Hey ThaisH.
Welcome to MedHelp!
I do not know much about you to have an opinion
about you being a medium. (mediumship cannot be strictly defined)
But you do Psychic abilities. And this is what counts.
Predisposition, ability and intention
As for myself, I have a great connection with the Spirit world (from young).
My life is mostly Spirit driven (vs Ego driven).
My psychic communication is mainly as a mental medium of sorts.
Through thought and feeling - what is called Clairesentient mediumship -
I communicate with Spirits -not within my will, but rather their will - and only when I'm in tune. That is not to say that my communication is exclusive to Clairesentience.
However, with Angels, Spirit Guides and Spirit helpers there's an open
2-way channel of communication.
Regarding negative or harmful energy or "bad" Spirits and Ghosts coming into your space, I can only speak from my own experience.
I have projected a protective shield around my aura, made of Light.
This Light allows good Energies and Spirits in and bad ones out.
In times when Spirits are attempting to come in and they are not welcome,
instead of me experiencing the effects of this attempt, I project through my intention a wall of Golden Light around my protective shield.
The same thing would work for evps I suspect.
My knowledge in this is for most part experiential. I had no formal training in this area,but I started  listening to Sonia Choquette's CDs and Videos, took Reiki training,Psycho-Spiritual Therapy training and Past Lives Regression. Fascinating! I love working with all this! (Not my main work)
My 2 NDEs really enhanced my ability, as I no longer questioned these
Psychic and Spiritual concepts with my intellect.
It was knowing without having to believe.
It was being there without needing faith to bring you there.
The road had been paved!
You can ask questions. When YOU are ready the answers come.
Your readiness prompted you to connect some dots and arrive here.
"We" are a minority. Thank you for seeking me out!
Keep in touch! You may pm me anytime!
My kid brother passed on yesterday.
He decided he could no longer live in his body.
I'm physically 10000 miles away, yet he's around me and he's saying Hi!
He's an Earthbound Spirit, till he crosses over. And this will be easy for him, as he was mentally challenged. He was like a 10 year old boy.
I'll miss him greatly, but I'm very happy to know he's going to a better place.
Through my energy perhaps you can sense the presence of his Spirit.
Just empty you mind, be in silence and stillness and it may happen.

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