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  I was recently diagnosed with a vitamin D level of 8.  My symptoms prior to diagnosis were so varied and myriad, that I honestly just chalked it up to being a worrier or hypochondriac.  The physical achiness and fatigue is awful, but I can cope.  What crushes me is the mental part; the lack of focus/concentration and downright forgetfulness.  I've gone from someone with a nearly photographic memory to going to work with my shirt on backwards or losing my keys, cellphone every ten freaking minutes.  Just frustrated and looking for hope.  Took my first dose of 50k iu weekly doses Friday after getting prescribed.  I know it won't get better immediately, but has anyone here successfully recovered from at least the mental part?   Best to you all.
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hi how are u yes I suffered from this but after ur level getting up the mental part start to improve    Don't worry and it's actually vanished after taking vitamin d !
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Thank you!  It just seems so frustrating right now and scary.  I'm trying to have faith and patience with the diagnosis. It's probably made worse by fixating/worrying about it; but it's hard and unsettling.
How long has it taken you to improve regarding the mental part? Been on treatment for 3 weeks so far and I still feel very hazy and foggy headed. I'm worried it will be permanent!
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I have the same symptoms! How long did it take for you to feel better? I am in agony as I literally cannot function
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sorry to hear about your trouble. see the symptoms thread for a complete list of issues. brain and body literally doesn't work well without vitD, it is not only about bones.

for quick recovery, take low dose calcium with it 200-300 mg calcium daily (calcium bicarbonate or phosphate).

I found out that without calcium I didn't recover. only when I added calcium I see progress everyday and I can feel it working. without calcium I took it for 2 months and it didn't work

best of luck, and post your progress
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sorry a typo, it is calcium carbonate not bicarbonate
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