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Good labs on recheck while on Vit D script ...

Good News:  Followup bloodwork is 36 on 50,000 iu's 1X a week :)  .. it's been about 6 mos since last bloodwork and 1.5 yrs since diagnosis.

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Will that's a great news,this is an inspiration to all of us who struggles with vit D D.
Please take care of yourself and give us another update on how you're doing.

My best,
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Are you kidding. Does it take that long to get your levels up. Wow! Congrats btw.
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It took me just 2 months,to get my level to 76ng\L,Using vitamin D3 not D2.
Everyone's body chemistry is different and so every person is going to respond differently to the treatment.
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Good to know -- as you know I'm trying to make the switch from D2 to D3, largely due to side effects. I want to take 5000 IUs of D3 daily. Let's see what the doc says.
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good news, indeed. altho, i was hoping that recovery time wasn't quite so long. i was diagnosed and put on 10,000 IU's a day a month ago. i am a little better but still can't really do the things i used to and can sleep an awful lot, even if i can't sleep, i need to lay down. the depression comes and goes, but some of it is situational, too. the muscle and bone aches are much less, altho a toothache has been exasperated by this i think. doc wants me to check in one more month and would like to see levels at 60. i get some nausea, does anyone else from vit d dosages this high? i am also taking chantex, began my smoking cessation program just before this was diagnosed.
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Hey, it sounds as if you're doing great in terms of getting your numbers up. After nearly 200,000 IUs my D only went up to 27 from 20. I had severe intolerance to vitamin D doses that high and nausea and palpitations were among the adverse events I experienced. However, I know other people who do just fine on mega doses of D daily (5000-10,000) or weekly (50,000). I had to switch from D2 (50,000 IUs weekly) to D3 (right now I'm only able to tolerate 2000-3000 IUs daily). In my case, raising my D and calcium levels may have unmasked a thyroid or parathyroid problem (hence the intolerance) -- I'm seeing an endocrinologist at the end of the month and was found to have colloid nodules on my thyroid.
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