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How long does is take to feel better?

Hi everyone,  I just found this Forum - thanks for creating it!   I just found out my Vit D is very low. I have a mysteriously acquired a fracture in my foot and have been been feeling more and more fragile, anxious and very tired.

My Dr has advised 5000 units a day for a month.   I am just wondering how long it takes to build back up Vit D levels?

thanks Robyn
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What is your level?  Studies out there state that it can take 6 months to a year after getting levels to normal for symptom resolution, however everyone is different.  Good luck.
Hi. What study is that? My vitamin d level has been normal for a month after a level of 8ng and I still have some of the symptoms. So very worried I'm not getting better!
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How low? I would count on 6 months to start feeling better and one year before you consistently feel good. And I'm sorry to say it is likely that you will feel worse before you feel better. But it's vital that you hang in there!! The pain and heightened symptoms actually means you're healing.
Did you say 5k ?? I suggest 10k
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Did your Dr. say anything about monitoring you calcium intake or levels? I see physicians warn the be careful about dosing and what it can do to calcium if your not taking enough. And it sounds concerning if you had a fracture of a bone?
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Calcium should be monitored along with vitamin D levels. Also, many docs will monitor parathyroid/calcium/vitamin D levels, depending upon age and other clinical variables. Lately some studies have suggested that you can take too much calcium.
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I am a new sufferer of this horrible deficiency. I was tested at 17. I like so many of you went through, and still am, test after test and doctor after doctor. with every test Mri's, bloodwork, ENT hearing tests etc. coming back as normal. My main symptoms are vertigo/dizzyness/lightheaded, fatigue, fullness in my right ear, and foggy brain. My GP who I admire greatly and have had for 18 years thought I should go on anti-deppresants because I started to have anxiety and minor depression. It wasn't until I spoke with a friend about the connection of my symptoms to Vitamin D deficiency that I asked my GP to prescribe me 50,000 I.U. of Vitamin D2 for 12 weeks. I am currently on my third dose (18 days) and feel about the same. I am awaiting results for celiac and testosterone levels but am currently at my wits end. I before this was a totally happy go lucky guy, with a positive outlook on life. Now I feel like a frightened child. I am also getting treatment through a chiropractor, he feels my dizzyness could be cause by my self adjustments to my neck over the past 10 years, because my C-1 and C-2 were way out of alignment.. anyway thank God I found this forum alot of you... Phllis2010, VitaminDiva, Seattleanne,Bisan among many others give me the hope I will get better.. I am not one to normally join forums but all of you are my support group even though I have supportive family and friends, they just don't understand what this deficiency is capable of. I know I am early into my treatment but I just need the support of anyone who can give it. I want my life back and need to know this is temporary.              
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I totally agree with you and am glad I joined this forum also.  Just like you before this bought with low vitman d I was living a great life, now it seems that my life has taken a turn for the worse! Still in all I am thankful because it could be worse! We just have to make it through and prayerfully we'll begin to feel back to normal as soon as possible. I'm a 27 yr old female with a husband and 16 month old daughter that I want to be able to enjoy LIFE with and this defeciency makes it so hard at times.  I often wonder is there something else going on that the doctors aren't catching!! Like you and everyone else I've had numerous tests, extensive blood and lab work, upper and lower endoscopy, mri's, chest x-ray's, abdominal ct scan's, and the list goes on.  But of course everything checks out fine.  I never would imagine that something that seems so simple could cause so much worry, and wear and tear on the body.  So, let's keep each other posted with our progress!!
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I am so glad you joined! many of these members have helped me through what, as it turns out, was one of the most difficult times of my life!
I have an update since my last post. I have been taking 10,000 IUs of D3 daily, 400 MG of magnesium citrate, omega 3, a multi vitamin and vitamin C. Most of my symptoms have passed, although from time to time I get a little lightheaded, not nearly as bad as when I was in the middle of my "nightmare" though. It has been 8 weeks since I have been on my suppliments so I am being patient as to rebuilding my immune system and feeling 100% "normal" Be patient and stay positive! I know, believe me I know, how hard it could be to stay positive. When you need support, leave me a message I will be there. This deficiency is horrible! What was your vitamin D level? also list your symptoms. Take care!
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Are you taking the 50k of D2 a week and 10k of D3 per day?  Did you get your t levels back?  I found my t levels are at the low normal range, and had a varicocele repair done.  I think the low t and my low VD are giving me a 1-2 punch.  Also had a bad gallbladder taken out a few months ago, so that may have had somehitng to do with things.  Ive been supplmenting for a a little less than a year now (diagnosed at 17ng back in 1/11).  I need to be more conistent.  Been taking 5k per day but not always faithful.  I also need to be supplementing 1000mg of calcium and 500mg of magnesium.  Now at 31ng.  been bouncing between low 40s and low 30s.
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About a year a go I started feeling really ill but I didn't think nothing of it at the time I was 15 and had my exams at the end of school and I couldn't focus at all I was constantly feeling faint I went to the doctors and they reccommended a blood test. It came back with low vitamin D I was on 50,000 IU for 2 weeks every day and then when that course had finished I was on 400 IU of calcichew - D3 day and night and still am its been 4 months since I finshed my 50,000 IU and I've had ups and downs but I still don't feel that great so to anyone reading this and feeling the same you're not alone!
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I have been dealing with anxiety problems/panic attacks  since last 2 months(don't why)went to ER twice, everything turned out to be normal. Feel like losing hope and had no clue what's happening until I had my physical done last week. I was told by my that doctor that I'm deficient on Vit d(15). Now this gave me some sort of relief at a least someone found something. Doctor prescribed me 50,000 cap to take weekly basis.

Any suggestion would like to make for me, I would approximate that!
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That being said, I'd like to ask the "opposite".How long does it take to go from a normal level of dvit like 50 to a low level like 20?And after how long of being at level 20 does it take to feel the deficiency symptoms?
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I have been diagnosed with Vitamin D deficiency, I am experiencing some of the same symptoms as a lot of you. No one seems to understand how a vitamin (lack of) can cause me to feel so crappy all the time. Reading the comments in this forum lets me know I am not alone and my symptoms are not in my head. I have muscle weakness and pain everyday and feel very tired all the time. My doctor has put me on 50,000 IU Vit D for 12 weeks, I am on my 5th week and feel no different. My level was at 18 ng/ml. I have been having a hard time at work but tough it through, what choice do I have.
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Hey everyone i just joined after finding this great forum , i wish i lived in a country where people were open to talk about almost any health issue , Im a 23 year old female and for about 3 weeks Almost all the joints in my body painfully pop ( jaw which was diagnosed as TMJ , and recently my shoulders , wrists , elbows , hips , feet ) besides that ive been really depressed , tired and sleep in abnormal amounts to the point where i cant get out of bed sometimes for over 2 years .. i thought i have osteoarthritis or rheumatoid because of my joints so i went to an orthopedic and he ran a RF for latex which came back as negative 9 , a CPR which was 8 in the first hour then 23 in the 2nd and uric acid which was normal and just yesterday my vitamin D results came in as ( 14 ) now that i know i have a severe deficiency im hoping i can get the right treatment since im in Egypt and almost all medicine and supplements are not of high quality .. I wanted to ask if god wills and my vitamin D does get back to a normal level will these symptoms go away ? I feel to weak that i cant even lead a normal life  
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I have been recently diagnosed with fibromyalgia. i was loosing my mind as doctors were not helping me in terms of treatments or medication for the awful pain it causing me): but even more recently(mon sept. 23rd) found out i have low vitamin d. i have read that low vitamin causes a lot of the symptoms i attributed to the fibro.is it possible to have both? my vitamin c was ok, and the doc wants me to take 50,000 ml vitamin d per week.is that a large amount?
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Hey guys thank god I found this website. I started suffering from insomnia like 3 months ago. I never had a problem with sleeping in my life I use to sleep for 9 hours at any time of the day. Now am lucky if I get 4 hours. After many test they found my vitamin d level was 14. The doctor said it could be that. I been taking 7000 iu a day is that enough. I still haven't been able to sleep and its been a month.
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I just found this group and very much hoping is still active as just found out my vit d level was indeterminable but recorded as "urgent count below 10"
This was un April this year but was not seen until a pain specialist read through my notes this week! I am in uk.
I started with awful hip pain in June 2004, it was like someone had switched the pain on, and I have been in some form of pain ever since. To cut a very story short I was a healthy37 yr old with a young baby and 3 other children at the time on no meds and no probs medically. I am now 91/2 yrs down the line, still in terrible pain but have fentynal patches to help. I do not sleep when I want to, but any exertion causes me to crash. I am on loads of meds, all to cope with symptoms or problems caused by taking pain killers long term.
I feel I have been robbed of the whole of my youngest daughters life so far, she has multiple medical problems herself and life is hard with her let alone with my own daily problems. I am angry about lack of diagnosis. I do not know if vit d d is the cause underlying all my probs. I was told that I do have an underlying disease as all tests show this but no one was able to tell what it was. I have had to live feeling half dead slither not knowing but fearing the worst and so have my children.
My symptoms......
Hip pain, first one then both, since 2004. Given steroid injection which was worse for one week then better for three weeks before returning as before. Told it was arthritis and would have to learn to live with it.
Knee pain and knee s often gives way.since  aprox 2008
Ankle and heel and foot pain. Esp burning sensation under sole.
Back pain, worsening.
Shoulder pain
Muscle tenderness, soreness, instant fatigue of muscle on use.
Muscle tightness, all muscles clench without my awareness
Tight jaw.
Tension headaches.
Diagnosed with fibromyalgia 2012 ??
Diagnosed hyperventilation syndrome 2010 ?? Shortness of breath, excess yawning, chest tight, treated as asthmatic.
Doctors told me it was arthritis from 2004-2011 when eventually saw specialist who said it wasn't.
Diagnosed hypothyroid 2011, thyroxine since daily.
Have not been able to climb stairs normally since 2010
Have familial hyper cholesterolaemia diagnosed 2012, on statins.
Have knobbly fingers which are stiff and often red and sore? Osteo arthritis.
Neck pain and stiffness, creaks on moving.
Reflux, indigestion and symptoms of stomach ulcer, blamed on long term painkillers, have since been on lansoprazole since 2008
Various gynae type issues.
On antidepressants, I think drr's thought I was just a moaner who was fed up and lonely at this point!
Thirsty all time, not diabetic.sine 2013
Weight gain over whole length of time, but cannot exercise due to pain and gynae issues. Very little weight loss achieved despite major effort and others agree I do not eat to look the size I am.( good diet, ok portions etc)
Sweaty episodes every night, some days, never ever had this issue before, this been since 2012
Numbness and tingling of arms hands ears, side of neck regularly.
Developed a life threatening allergy in 2011, huge all over hives and or sudden facial and oral swelling, no cause ever found despite stringent diaries etc. could be day or night when awake or asleep. Controlled with two high dose anti histamines daily, and carry epipen.
Skin irritation, small sores that are very painful and last for months each, seem to follow a cycle, ( aprox 6 -8 at one time across body, limbs)
General skin itchiness.
Water retention, new prob since 2013, furosemide daily.
Hearing loss sudden, since 2002, no aid will work as is a brain recognition issue apparently, told to learn to live with. Very difficult if multiple sounds, very tiring indeed.
Terrible teeth health despite really good efforts at correct hygiene etc. gum disease, crumbling teeth, abscesses etc.
Never ever feel well, always feel exhausted at best, very Ill at worst, sore throats very often. Swallow feels harder as if huge lump in throat.
Swollen glands in neck almost every day, tender, sore. Since 2013.
No energy at all, crash following exertion or simply just do not wake up when sleeping, have slept into 3rd day before this.
Three blank episodes all 2012-13. Look like stroke type symptoms, out of it, slurring, confusion, sleepy, and do not remember most of the incident after wards. Hospital put down to severe reaction to a viral illness. Gradual recovery over following week each time.
Confusion, lack of memory, can't find correct words, coming out with wrong words, stammering, loosing thread of topics during conversation, no ability to concentrate.
Acknowledge that I am mentally not able to drive safely on occasion. Feel unable to function.
Lost, feel detached, loose hours without recall.
Cannot follow tv films etc, general disinterest in all hobbies, previously very enthusiastic. Brain fog. Cannot follow conversations if lengthy.
Forget to wash, shower etc on occasion, forget to eat on occasion. Lack of appetite even when hungry???
Extreme lethargy, extreme effort required to keep awake sometimes yet sleepless at times despite feeling exhausted.
Days pass by in a haze.
Have had a sleep study( results tomorrow) and MRI of ears and pituitary thyroid etc( nad)
Wrists weak and sore, wear splints esp on right due to pain and swelling., worse when have to do public stairs( have to strain on arms to pull up banisters etc) or after back very bad ( again from lifting/ pulling self up)
Some urinary changes, sometimes not able to go fully. Cystitis at times.
Very sensitive to cold and heat, sometimes skin is so sensitive to touch, causes much irritation.
Jumpy legs, hand tremors and cramping of fingers toes much more frequent.
Knees grind, and crunch. Neck grinds.
Generally feel post-workout, muscle aches etc

I have a lot in common with those on here, I see my gp tomorrow to find out what will be prescribed for me but awaiting urgent endocrine referral.
I do not envisage a quick recovery from reading on here, but also very cross at slow diagnosis compared to others on here!
I am going to ask for magnesium and calcium as is suggested on forum as well as vit d3. I hope there is someone to chat to on here who has shared some of my feelings etc.

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Hi Sally, noticed you did not get a reply and wondered if you were still looking on this site? I have been diagnosed as vitamin D deficient and have many of the same issues as you. Just wondered if you have been on vitamin D treatment and if it has helped at all?
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Hi there, this is very similar to my story, a false fibro' diagnosis annd then after deciding it didn't quite fit finally finding VDD. I was just wondering how you are feeling now? Did you complet a course of supplements? has your pain and other symtpoms improved? Thanks a lot.
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Hi, I'm 34 years old and I just tested at a level of 6. My doctor has me taking 10,000 iu a day. It really takes 6 months? :(
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yes Lisa. it takes about 6 months, though you don't have to take 10k for 6 months probably you can lower your dose after 2-3 months. make sure you eat healthy as well (drink your milk (calcium), eat your protein and veggies, esp. ones with fibers (cucumber, corn, tomato), oats as well. they are rich in silica which helps with bones, connective tissues,skin and hair.
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Curious as I am experiencing alot of the symptoms. I was diagnosed in dec 2012 vdd was put on 50000 weekly. Does getting more sunlight help recovery faster. I'm asking because my dr took me off d aftersymptoms went away and by that time it was summer an I felt great. It wasnt til first week in Feb this year that it all came back. Again have been thro series of testing from appendix to gallbladder because pains everywhere. Dr sent to surgeon who now is sending me back to primary tomorrow. I kust seen him last week and asked him to test my d he said it wouldnt be doing all this. I dont buy it because I lived it before. Have started myself on d3. But with warmer weather coming an more sun, i live in ne . Thought sun would help me get better. I am self employed an my business has suffered. Somedays its all I can do to take a shower. My family is so tired an also worried what is going on. Thank goodness found this forum. I feel so alone an isolated even tho I'm not.
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3 doctors (one being my sister), told me after starting D3 supplements, I should be feeling better in about 4 weeks (one Dr even said "a million bucks)".

My symptoms were low mood & hip and shoulder pain. I'm 44 and never had daily pain- it just seemed to come on one day about a month ago. My D tested at 23. I'm taking 4000 D3 daily as of a week ago.

It might have taken Tom, **** or Harry 6 months or a year but that's them, not you. That's  the unfortunate part of the Internet is people post "horror stories" & offer no hope or follow up. Or list 200 other symptoms they've had for years that has nothing to do with the OP's original post- just adding fear & anxiety to folks like us who simply wanted to know how long after starting supplements does it take to feel better. Jeez!

Best wishes!
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Hi, I one day out of no where, it has been 2 weeks of feeling shortness of breath having to yawn, I started to get anxious and going into panic attacks because I couldn't feel a full relief of fresh air. This anxiety has led to mild depression. Doctor told me all my symptoms came from "anxiety" and "stress"!!!!!! I was angry and not happy with my diagnosis. I was very happy, I still am despite of fighting what I'm feeling mentally and emotionally. I know I am so blessed and have a very blessed life with my husband and our daughters. Life and the people around me are amazing. I shouldn't be stressing or feeling this way. Yet I can't help but feel this way that I cannot help. I know I'm not a miserable person and I'm trying so hard to fight this nightmare of anxiety and slight depression. I finally researched symptoms and looked for hours and days, I then requested to get vitamin d testing levels. It came back I was insufficient at 23. I'm wondering if a level at 23 can cause this! There is just no other explanation I can think of. I got lungs, heart, bp, scans, x-rays, and all other blood work … everything came back good range except for vitamin d. I guess I want to hear that with a level at 23 this is possible. I'm desperate for help and advice. Reading others stories does make me feel better knowing there is a light at the tunnel, a solution, and I'm not the only one going through this. Thank you all so much. God bless.
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I have tmj and horrible sciatica symptoms. I have been seeing different back doctors, chiropractors, massage therapists, acupuncturists, nueorologists, the list goes on, for the past year.  Noone could figure out what was wrong because all of my results kept coming back normal. My back pain/hip pain just came out of nowhere. My rheumatologist then told me before diagnosing me with fibromyalgia to check vitamin levels, he checked my inflammatory, vitamin D, vitamin C, and magnesium levels. Everything came back normal (as all my other tests have in the past year) EXCEPT vitamin D. I was about 25 and normal is between 35-100. He recommended one pill of 50,000 units twice a week for a month. It has been about two weeks and so far absolutely no results. I am still fatigued, in pain, etc etc (all of the other symptoms everyone else is talking about)> I am glad I found this forum.. it seems it is going to take up to 6 months to feel normal again, so I guess I should be patient. I am hoping I dont have to go back to the doctor and get diagnosed with fibromyalgia and have to take Cymbalta which has so many negative side effects... Thanks. - Ashley
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