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Is there a link between Vit D deficiency and Sleep Disorders?

I accidentally stumbled upon this site and group, and am so glad I did. I haven't gained this much knowledge from my doctor, or nuero or sleep specialist.

My sleep has been getting worse over the last few months, initially started off with no problem falling asleep but waking up wide awake at 2 am, and then struggling to fall back to sleep after an hour or two. This kept getting worse. I do not have a problem falling asleep, but immediately after I do, right during the first hour I wake up and then it's a challenge to go back to sleep.

One night I could not sleep all night and this is when I panicked. Next morning met the doc, gave me an antivan Lorazepam and Propranolol to calm me down and help me sleep better. This helped somewhat with my sleep but didn't do a whole lot about the anxiety. The doc ordered all kinds of blood works except Vitamin D. And every single one of them came out ok. Ordered a stress test that came out just great. Had an anxiety attach when I was at the Cardio, but the heart rate was just fine.

Didn't want to be dependent on those drugs so decided to ditch the doc's advise and simply go with natural sleep. Had some good nights and some not so good. Had some days with anxiety, depression and loss of appetite, and some without.

Finally after reading up on the link of Vitamin D and sleep convinced my doc to order a blood test, and the result was a 13, whatever the units are. Was told had to be at 30 at a min. Got my first dose of 50,000 IUs last night. I had already started on Amway's Nutrilite Cal Mag and Daily Multivitamin for about 2 weeks now.


If you are still reading this, my question is does anyone else have this sleep and anxiety issues?

So far the only thing out of whack with my blood works is this critically low number for Vit D. I would really like to think this is the root cause of my sleep issues. If so, any timeline or advise how to get the sleep issue fixed during this slow process. Am following all the advises and diet recommendations on other websites related to Insomnia.

Lately I have also started to use some Homeopathic medicines sparingly as I had developed a phobia that would lead to anxiety that I will once again have a rough night and these "all natural" remedies seem to have helped me.

Once again hope the root cause of my sleep disorder is Vitamin D.

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