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Recently Diagnosed w/ Vitamin D Deficiency

So glad I found this forum.

I was extremely tired and my hair was breaking off. I attributed my symptoms to grief, having lost my mother Dec. 23, 2014. But it just didn't feel right. My body was so heavy, tears would form from the fatigue, no matter how much rest I got, it wasn't enough. So I asked my doctor for a blood test.  Test results revealed I had a Vitamin D deficiency and my score was 17.

My doctor told me to take an over the counter D supplement of 1,000 iu's.  I called back today because I have been feeling worse, not better.  She was off, but her physician assistant indicated that I may need a prescription. After reading these comments, I see that I am taking the bare minimum of vitamin d!!!  No wonder I'm feeling worse.  Some of you guys are taking 10k, 20k, 50k a DAY and I'm only at 1,000 a day!

I'm going to demand a prescription tomorrow.  I only found this site by searching how long it takes to feel better.  Is it really 6 months?  I really hope it doesn't take that long.  I am beyond exhausted on a daily basis.  I'm calling in sick at work, i'm coming in late, I can't concentrate like I need to.  

...any insight or advice is most appreciated.

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