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This Forum Is a HUGE RELIEF

I was recently diagnosed with VDD - my D3 level was 23 and my D2 was <4.  I also have Stein-Leventhal Syndrome (PCOS)...I can't count on both hands how many doctors have tried to give me anti-depressants, tried to diagnose me as Bipolar Type II, or throw in my face that I need to lose weight, eat healthier, and exercise.  It's simply not that easy.
If there is a symptom to be had, I think I've experienced it at least once.  
Tiredness, lethargy, mild to extreme weakness, slight palpitations, dry eyes, hair falling out, unable to sleep/or the inability to stay awake, extreme mood swings, irritability, general dislike of everything, lack of interest, depression like episodes, anxiety, concentration problems, memory problems, word recall, lack of motivation, lack of desire, stomach issues mimicking IBS, bladder issues mimicking IC, despondent - not wanting any contact with others, inability to lose weight, gaining weight, fluid retention, swelling of my feet/legs, and appetite issues (can't eat healthy when at my lowest points I refuse to eat anything but noodles with red sauce - or things I don't even like..then I'll switch back to healthy, then back to junk...)  I'm sick and tired of this roller coaster - everyone around me just doesn't understand.  I do have good days, I have good weeks, then it's on the way back down, way way way back down.  When I had my blood work down, I was thinking it was my thyroid.  I've known about my hormone issues, and my doctors have tried prescribing me everything under the sun.  My progesterone level is non-existent, but I do not respond well to hormone therapy.  I get violent, very verbal with most all hormones or with anti-depressants.  If I'm not violent with the hormones, I have other symptoms I'm not willing to live with, like feeling like I have the flu, etc.  All of my blood work seemed to check out except for the Vitamin D and my progesterone.  They did not check my parathyroid levels - only my TSH - 1.58, and my T4 - 1.2.  I've been taking 15,000 IUs of D3 for about 3 weeks now - I don't feel any better - I only feel worse.  Plus, I'm waking up with a sore throat - not everyday, but I'd say 2-3 days a week.  I'm so glad to know I'm not alone in this and that others have had the same/similar issues.  My husband thinks I just need to get up and get moving, and my Mom thinks if I made a "to-do" list, I'd get more done and feel better - they just don't get it at all.
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