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Vitamin D Levels covered still Weakness

Hi.I have been diagnosed with vitamin D deficiency in January 2016 and my levels were 13 ng/ml .Now i have rechecked my levels and they are 91. But i still have muscle weakness in arms and legs even increased.Also my neck muscle also weak.Can somebody share his/her experience how they recovered? it looks never to be recovered :(
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Hi, my levels were 9.5 and am in my sixth week still feels the same. Can anyone tell me whats the time period to fully recover
Gorak it took at least 2 months to start to feel improved when I was at 19ng/mL
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Make sure to take magnesium as well. Muscles weakness can be caused if levels are low.

If you're taking D2 it's not good.
If it's D3 you're ok.
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