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Vitamin D deficiency symptoms

With all the sites out there that have info on Vitamin D, their just doesn't seem to be one that has all the symptoms that can accompany vitamin d deficiency. I'm going to list my symptoms, so that others may have some insight, in layman's terms. I hope anyone else with the deficiency would also post theirs.

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Symptoms I have had with Vitamin D Deficiency

-light flashing in corner of left eye with movement. It comes and goes about 6 months and lasts for about a month
-jaw or mouth gets severe cramps
-a very severe sharp electrical type pain that shoots from my temple through my eye, and into my jaw. I lasts only a second, but can happen many times a day. Occurs every for or five months and lasts appx. a week or two
-left eyelid twitches very fast, can last a few minutes to several hours
-consistently feeling dizzy, like I've shifted a couple of inches one direction or the other, without really moving at all. I have been checked many times for ear infections or problems.
-Having petite mal seizures

-about four months ago I had sudden loss of strength in my right hand, with no pain, a couple of days later, my left hand followed suit. (this is when my doctor suspected MS). The weakness lasted about a month.
-four months later my hands went weak again, this time accompanied with pain. The pain was not specific, just all over pain. I have had carpal tunnel surgery in the past, and I currently have carpal tunnel again, but this was a different kind of pain and weakness.
-Currently both hands have about 40% of the strength that I had 4 months ago.

-Right arm started having a strange vibrating sensation all through it. The muscles started feeling tight. As the muscle tightened up, pain began to accompany it.  A really sore like feeling, like you have worked out way to hard. Eventually, the whole arm was in pain, and the elbow started hurting really badly, like the bone had been bruised or something.
-2 months after my right arm went bad ( I could barely use it at work ) my left arm. right and left shoulder began having the same problems.
-Currently both arms are in pain, practically unusable at work.
-I get a feeling like a needle is poking in my arm, like when you are getting a shot, quite often now. It's very painful, and pulsates repeatedly, last for days at a time.

-When my last series of symptoms started, my torso started having problems as well. I started noticing that was short on air. My muscles are squeezing my lungs almost continuously. I cannot hold my breath for more than 25 secs now.
-Muscle pain in both sides of the rib area, like they have been worked way to hard
-My lower back always hurts, feeling like a dull ache, sometimes feeling like I pulled a muscles
-I have a buzzing sensation at my tailbone at times, feels like a cell phone is vibrating.
-Problems swallowing, food goes into lungs when eating

Legs and feet
-The most prominent of the pain, I think due to the fact that I am on my feet all day, is my leg and foot pain.
-The feet feel like I am walking on marbles all day, causing tremendous pain. This pain turned on like a light switch, it didn't slowly get worse, it was not there one day, and the next it was.
-Both legs from the ankle up past the knees, felt like my bones and muscles were completely destroyed. I had no strength in either of them, meaning it felt like I was hauling around to stumps of lead. Getting through the day was miserable.
-Joints in my feet and legs were very painful, making it very hard to walk up and down stairs
-Constant buzzing sensation on the souls of my feet now
-Feeling of bugs crawling up my legs all the time
-Sharp stabbing pains, like I'm being jabbed with a spike or very large needle
-Burning sensation, mostly on the souls of my feet, but sometimes anywhere on my legs
-Right leg, twice before, has had weird hot, electrical type sensation, almost felt like my skin on my leg was wrapped tightly with a barbed wire fence
-right leg has a shifting buzzing sensation, like I have a cell phone set to vibrate, that comes and goes. It shifts from just under my hip, to just above my knee

-I have had now for 3 or so months tons of bladder problems. Mostly I cannot get all of the urine out. I will really have to go bad, I urinate, and only a little comes out. The sensation of having to go will just stop. I often now, just sit down and wait. Because a couple of minutes later, I will have to go again. It often takes about 20 minutes to fully go now.
-Then sometimes I will be able to empty my bladder completely, but the amount of times I go is a lot. I get so dehydrated it isn't funny, as all the symptoms of dehydration soon follow. It takes me days to rehydrate.

I have had for a long time now, a pretty much unquenchable thirst. I am always thirsty.

-leg cramps in the back of my ham strings, comes and goes often
-cramps in the calf of my leg
-cramps in my feet, causing my toes to curl upwards
-cramps in my sides around the rib cage area
-cramps in my diaphragm
-hand cramp, right hand only, causing finger to pull in the wrong direction

Hot poking needle
-sensation of a hot needle poking me in the skin, happens all over the body, but mostly in the back. Can last several days at times.

I have sense all of this has started, gotten a Neurologist, who in fact found the Deficiency. But what he found, surprised the heck out of me. I now have:
-Deep tendon reflexes in my right leg are gone
-Abnormal gait in both legs, mostly right
-Loss of sensation in both arms and legs
-Loss of sense of temperature in bottom of both legs
-I cannot stand up with my eyes closed (hoffman sign)

I have had multiple MRI's, over 50 blood work ups, a CT scan. Needless to say, I have been through the ringer with doctors. I was thought at one time to have MS. I have been diagnosed with Bipolor syndrome, Depression, Tourettes syndrome, Polyneuropathy, and treated with some really awful drugs, like anti-psychotics and nerve medicines. It has not been a fun ride for me. I have been experiencing most of these symptoms for the last 6 years, and the painful ones for the last 3 years.I am certain I have left out some symptoms, but who could remember them all.

I hope this helps someone with similar problems.

Good luck, remember 85% of Americans are Deficient of Vitamin D, it's only a simple blood draw to discover the problem.
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Here are my symptoms:

I've been going through this for 3 months with no diagnosis of an overall syndrome or disease.

Presenting symptoms (March) - the walking and urination problems were gradual and episodic in onset.
1) Abnormal gain/ veer to the left, unsteady
2) shorter time to muscle fatigue
3) fasculations, legs and torso (resolved)
4) Nocturia/thirst
5) Bowel frequency
6) Left thigh front - dead nerve sensation
7) chills - cold/hands feet, sometimes shaky (might be connection to carb intake) - increased sensitivity to cold
8) Rapid heart beat
9) Feels like metabolism turned way up
10) pins and needles (neuropathy) and intermittent neurogenic claudication in legs develop within the month; though pins and needles also in hands/arms/chin

Current symptoms:
1) Gait abnormality/unsteadiness (no longer veer to left as much possibly because damaged muscle in left leg may be healing)
2) Weight loss - Current weight 98-102 pounds
3) Nervous as if metabolism revved up, anxious
4) Night time thirst/nocturia worsened after taking vitamin d 50,000 IU
5) Rapid heart beat, palpitations - worsened with vitamin d side effects
6) Weight: 112 pounds (heavy for me usual weight 104-108)
7) More frequent bowel movements
8) Muscle weakness particularly in legs also arms sometimes, exercise intolerance, muscle wasting
9) Eyes more sensitive to  light, increased floaters
10) New onset back pain, sore muscles in back

Test findings:
I've had multiple blood tests which have ruled out autoimmune diseases (sjorgren's, lupus,  PMR, etc), infectious diseases (including Lyme), vitamin deficiencies such as B12, B6 etc.

EMG findings: Pinched nerve in lumbar spine, damaged leg muscle

Endocrine findings on blood tests: Vitamin D deficiency (level:20), chromium deficiency

MRI Findings
Brain MRI for possible MS: UBOs (history of migraines, 60 years old); neurologist concludes "although you can never rule out MS, your symptoms and MRI make it unlikely."

Cervical spine MRI: One area of mild spinal stenosis, mild spondylosis.

Lumbar spine MRI: Multi-level degenerative disc disease (4 herniated discs, 3 bulging discs, osteoarthritis, 2 areas of moderate spinal stenosis)

Bone scan findings: Severe osteoporosis in lumbar spine (T-score 3.8), osteoporosis in cervical spine (T-score 3.6), osteopenia in hip (T-score 2.5)

Visual tests normal, including visual field test

Ear tests normal although I've been accepted into the Rusk Institute vestibular balance program.

Like Johnny, I'm sure I've left stuff out but this in the gist of it -- I've got a vitamin deficiency and a very bad back in part due to long term calcium depletion (clearly my parathyroid was compensating for the lack of vitamin D by draining calcium from my bones)

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Symptoms I have had with Vitamin D Deficiency,

Visual changes
Vertigo (eyes wiggle right to left quickly and  uncontrollable)
Ringing in the ears
Ears pain
Light flashing in both eyes at night
Brain fog inability to focus or concentrate.
loss of balance (such as a sinking floor feeling,like walking on pillow,rocking or swaying sensation)
Lock jaw,jaw pain
Hypersensitive to sound
Light headed


bladder & bowel problems


unrealisic fear
Anxiety attacks
Mood swings
Emotional roller coaster
Feeling of not getting enough oxygen

Muscle and bone:

Muscle spasms,trembling
Internal tremors
Buzzing sensation,vibrating start from my neck down to my legs this make my Insomnia even worse
Sever fatigue no energy
Muscular aches and pains
Deep bone pain
Muscle weakness particularly in legs and right arm
Back pain,sore muscles in back
chronic fatigue
Problems swallowing

Too much sweating and hot flashes in the night

Sever PMS and Sever monthly cycle with bad headaches
Rapid heartbeat (above 120 beats per minute)
Heart palpitations
Unable to take any kind of medications or vitamins without the feeling of (dying sensation)Thank god this is over.

I feel better now,Most of my symptoms disappeared,Others are less severity.
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I never put together the ear pain and brain fog with the deficiency. I have noticed a really large drop in my cognitive abilities over the last year. At one point I could barely type, as I would think of one letter, and my fingers would type another one completely opposite. It's good to know that I'm not losing my mind after all, hehe.
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Reading over these symptoms, you really see some common threads emerging in terms of the number of body systems affected by d deficiency.
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I cannot imagine the Millions of dollars being wasted with the misdiagnosis of so many people, including ourselves. I can see how the Dx could be overlooked because of all the symptoms, but it's my thought that perhaps a Vit. D test would probably be the cheapest test of all to have. It should be common day, to walk into a doc's office and have a vitamin test, before even saying hello. Sure a little money would be wasted on the blood work up of healthy people, but the cost savings on insane testing, and no lost work days should easily cover that cost.

You are right Phyllis, there is a clear pattern here.
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You're absolutely right! It's a relatively cheap blood test -- vitamin D, B6, B12. I've had over $30,000 in tests including 3 MRIs and an EMG. Can you believe the healthcare system and how wasteful it is? Wouldn't it have been more cost effective to just run the blood test and treat your deficiency? Then, if you didn't respond to vitamin therapy, they could start looking for another underlying disease. Also, until I read other people's symptoms, I hadn't realized that vitamin D deficiency was such an MS mimic.

Even healthy people should probably track their vitamin levels just as they do their cholesterol levels.

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This is my first time posting on this site. I am a survivor of a Vitamin  D deficiency so bad. Today my prognosis is a pure vitamin D deficiency symptoms
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Hi everyone,
I was just wondering how long did it take for you to get the anxiety down? I seem to be having sever mood swings, especially towards anxiety.. I get random anxiety attacks and my Vitamin D level was 20, now it is around 30 but I still suffer from anxiety attacks.. However, I have noticed that the severity has reduced by 10-15% and have slightly more control over them.... So just wanted to know how long did it take for anxiety symptoms to resolve? My doctors are still not convinced that Vitamin D can cause such symptoms but after reading the posts here and doing some research online, it seems it is very possible.. This is my 3rd week of treatment..

Some info from the web:
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Sorry it's taken so long to get back to you I've been busy and only sporadically visit this site. You're doing better than I am -- I started at 20 and I'm only up to 27. However, I've heard that vitamin D can definitely have a positive impact on mood disorders such as anxiety and depression. Hey, if after only 3 weeks your symptoms are reduced 10-15% it sounds as if you might get a lot better as your D levels rise.
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Wow, really glad (on my part) to see all your symptoms with this. I thought for sure I have been losing my mind for years. I've been tested for everything under the sun it seems, all but D until now. Last checked I was at 6. I go back in about 2 weeks to have it checked again and am hoping for at least a 7 :) So far after a few weeks of taking the D I feel no better, just worse... BUT keeping hope that it'll kick in soon and I'll start feeling a tad bit better.
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Hey, Blossom, why don't you add your symptoms of d deficiency (as distinct from vitamin D intolerance) to our survey?
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My problems have been an ongoing issue for over 10yrs. I've been tested for RA, Lupus etc. so many times it's actually down right ridiculous anymore. My last Vit D was 6. Lowest my Dr has ever seen personally, he feels there is something else going on but isn't sure yet. I also have a very high inflammation level.

Vitamin D Deficiency symptoms

Visual changes
ringing in ears
Foggy thinking (almost a confused feeling)
Balance has been semi to completely bad
dizziness sometimes to the point where I can't function
Migraines/daily headaches
sensitive to sound and light
Nausea (a lot!)
clenching teeth
Mood swings
Problems swallowing to the point where I'd have to vomit to get things unstuck
Palpitations (pvc's with 122 bpm usually the highest)
Major muscle pain Calves, thighs, back mostly
Pins and needles all over
Hot poker type pains
Can not tolerate heat
Can't tolerate cold
sever fatigue
jumping muscles/spasms upper/lower legs and back
Night sweats
Muscle weakness
Dizzy/Vertigo feeling in the dark
Poor sleeping which has gotten worse

I'm sure more but so forgetful that I'm most likely missing some :)

Now if that isn't all bad enough... Taking the Vit D at 50,000 per week things are just 100x's worse. What I feel taking it is

Usually the day after I take it all I do is sleep or just lay around. And it's not a normal just laying around it's BAD. If the closest thing to me is the floor then I'll lay on the floor and just sleep. It's a very tired and terrible feeling. It's almost as if it's a drugged type feeling. I'm also having to pee a lot more often on the Vit D. I have almost no appetite at all. If my husband doesn't get after me to eat I won't for about 2 days.

I have taken it tonight so it should hit me in a few hours :) If it does and I will try and get on here to let everyone know what I'm feeling at the time.
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Thanks for posting your symptoms and hang in there!! I also have migraines but not daily so I empathize with what you're going through. Read the adverse effects of vitamin D on the package insert it helps to distinguish intolerance from exacerbation of existing symptoms. Please keep in touch and let us all know how you're doing.
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Happy to say that this round of Vit D this week has been nothing like the others!!! THANK GOD!!! But, yesterday woke up with a new issue I had never had before. Hubby keeps asking if I hit my hand or something but I haven't. My hand at the pink/hand knuckle hurts soooo bad and my pinky, ring and middle finger keep bending, Almost like I'm gripping something with my hand. Ugh... But thankfully I am doing good with the Vit D this week.
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Haven't been on a while.  Trying desperately to get some of the "joy" back in my life.  Wanted to list my symptoms, too.  They are in no particular order.  Just can't concentrate enough to make a good order.

Off balance feeling, like I am on a small boat
Blurred vision, occasionally
sensitive eyes
Think I see something out of the corner of my eye, but when I turn there is nothing unusual
ringing or low humming in my ears
tingling at the end of my nose and in my gums
Headaches, more frequent
Migraines, new onset
joint pain and morning stiffness
muscle pain
muscle twitching
unconscious movement of my toes (usually one at a time)
sensation of bus crawling on me, mainly lower body
extreme fatigue
difficulty concentrating
easy to get stressed in common situations
I just get cranky easier

I am sure there is more, but that is all I can think of.
One thing I have noticed is when I am tired, stressed, my blood sugar is really high (above 200) or somewhat low (below 100) or if I really have to urinate my symptoms are at its worse.  Is this something anyone else has noticed?
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No, I have not noticed a change in blood sugar, though I sometimes think some of my symptoms are diabetes-like. I'm not a doctor but a blood sugar above 200 indicates diabetes(as do some of your symptoms); below 100 is normal depending upon how low (range - I think under 50 is hypoglycemia). It sounds as though your blood sugar is really fluctuating. Have you seen your PCP? An endocrinologist?
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I do have diabetes (and am treated)..I just notice that when my blood sugars are high or somewhat low my other "vitamin D" symptoms worsen.
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That's an interesting observation -- I wonder if there's a relationship between vitamin D and glucose tolerance? I've had insomnia the past 2 night and I'm experiencing positional vertigo today
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I just received my test results today and found out that I am extremely deficient.  The nurse said that my level was "less than 4" and that the doctor had prescribed 50,000 IU daily (I don't remember if she said it was D2 or D3 -- I will need to check) for a month.  Needless to say, I have been scouring the internet, trying to find information.  Thank you for this post and this forum in general, it is very helpful.

I don't really know what of my issues are related to Vit D Deficiency, so I'll just lay them all out there.  Like many of you, I just went into the doctor knowing that something was wrong and it needed to be fixed.  The extreme tiredness had me especially worried.  I had many of these symptoms for years, but after my appendix ruptured earlier this year and I spent more than a week in the hospital, I have been far more observant about my health.  BTW, I'm a female in my early 30's.

Migraines and other headaches -- I have had these since I was 3
Seeing things out of the corner of my eye that are not there -- until someone else listed this, I had not thought to put this together.
High pitched noises -- I constantly think that I hear my cell phone ringing
Susceptible to cavities
Grind teeth
Positional Vertigo -- not all of the time, just two different times (for long periods) which was diagnosed as an inner ear infection.

Legs and arms:
Odd stabs of pain in my shin bones
Achy pain in my shoulders/neck/upper arms that makes me feel warm and slightly itchy and also like a deep bone-deep ache
Cold hands and feet
Shaky hands -- I usually associated this with when I'm really hungry
My right arm will occasionally hurt so badly as I'm trying to fall asleep that it will keep my up for hours

EXTREME fatigue -- I have told my husband that I'm "so tired that I *hurt*"  I will sleep 8-12 hours and still feel wiped out
Feeling down -- I feel like I'm often like Eeyore on Winnie the Pooh and I a very positive person
Mood swings -- especially with PMS, this is much worse than it used to be
Brain fog and trouble concentrating
Memory loss -- I have always been a good speller, but suddenly my brain and my fingers can't seem to remember how to type the correct combination of letters
Extreme sensitivity to cold -- and I live in a really cold state, so this is no fun.  I sit in my 66 degree house and need to have pants and socks and a sweatshirt on and sometimes the cold feels like I can feel it to my bones, especially in my shins.
Weight gain (around 15-20 lbs)
Feeling weak
Dizzy/lightheaded -- just sometimes, not all of the time
Random GI Issues

Sorry this is so long.  I'm really hopeful that the mega-dosage will work for me and that I can have more good days than bad in the months to come.
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Casey, as you can see from this blog, many of us share some of your symptoms. To what extent vitamin D will help or whether many of your problems are due to other underlying condition(s) you'll have to sort out over time as your D levels rise. By way of encouragement, I have a friend who began treatment with a vitamin D level of 4 approximately 2 months ago -- I don't know where she is in her treatment but I know she was also being evaluated for celiac disease. I was at a doctor's yesterday who stressed the importance of taking D3, it's the most bioavailable form -- the prescription mega doses are usually D2 but they work well for some people I wasn't one of them. Best of luck wishing you good days only in the months to come...Phyllis
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These are my symptoms, starting with the ones appearing first:

- chest pain, a bit hard to breathe (about a year ago, getting worse this summer)
- tired/worn out all the time (fatigue)
- weakness in the limbs
- headaches
- mood swings, feel depressed from time to time
- dizziness
- frequent bowel movements (started late summer, comes and goes, really - good periods and really bad periods)
- joint pain
- musclepain in thighs, arms etc
- nausea  
- back- and neck-pain
- tender spots in head/scalp - different spots ache at different times
- throat-problems - often feels like a swelling on one side
- dry and painful eyes
- insomnia - for the first time in my life I sometimes just can't sleep at night.
- ears pain

I may have forgotten something, but this is what comes to mind.

For me, many of the symptoms seem to be strongly connected, and if my diarrhea is bad a couple of days, probably 'everything else' is also bad at the same time... Some days are far better, some far worse.

My bloodtest showed a D-level of 31 nmol/L, should be 75-150. I started about a month ago taking D3 (spray, actually). I started at about 3000 IUs a day, now I'm taking 5000.  Hoping it won't be too long before I se some improvement - I have two little kids and would really like to get to be the mom that I normally am instead of this zombie one... :/
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I'm just adding a few  that I forgot:

- tingling/numbness in hands and feet
- I tend to burp after eating or drinking
- dry skin in my face
- bone pain - i.e in the ribs
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