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Vitamin D deficiency symptoms

With all the sites out there that have info on Vitamin D, their just doesn't seem to be one that has all the symptoms that can accompany vitamin d deficiency. I'm going to list my symptoms, so that others may have some insight, in layman's terms. I hope anyone else with the deficiency would also post theirs.

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I have had most of your symptoms.  I know D deficiency can cause MS-like symptoms, but I really think you could still have MS rather than just D-deficiency.  There is an over-reliance on diagnostic tests and a reluctance of many doctors to listen to patient symptoms.  Some patients with MS never have signs on their MRIs or in their spinal fluid. Have you ever had evoked potentials done?  

I must tell you that based on my experience, it is my opinion that there is widespread suppression of neurologic diagnosing currently going on in our country.  It's not like cancer, where they make so much money from it they would never dream of delaying or suppressing cancer diagnosis.  Selling us all the many tests for a neuro inquiry, brings in much money.  Also, I believe our govt. is not eager to pay the disability often resulting from a neuro diagnosis.  So my opinion is that there is not a full, forthright effort being made to diagnose neurologic diseases in the U.S. today.  

Your symptoms speak of any number of conditions:  MS, ALS, Lyme, sarcoid etc.

Dr. Martz, who spent 30 years in internal medicine, was given a firm ALS diagnosis by an ALS expert, but on his deathbed, he decided to try antibiotics just in case it was really Lyme rather than ALS that was afflicting him.  That was a good move on his part:  The Lyme treatment cured him.  However, don't expect most MDs to be able to help you with Lyme.  Most are ignorant about it and there is, I have heard, currently suppression of Lyme recognition and treatment going on in this country.  MDs who treat patients for Lyme kind of need to "go underground" to avoid being ostracized by their peers and chastised by the AMA.  Lyme, for many in the medical field, virtually does not exist (just like the mafia doesn't exist).  If you did want to pursue Lyme it is crucial to find a Lyme specialist (not just an infectious disease MD -  heaven forbid!!)

I have experienced the frustration you have had in seeking a diagnosis.  Perhaps the answer lies in seeking medical answers outside our country.

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One more thing:  You mentioned not being able to stand with your eyes closed - an experience that I also have had.  You called it Hoffman sign.  Actually, the proper term, I believe, is Romberg sign.  Look it up.

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Question for you all - has anyone else experienced increased intraocular pressure in one/both eyes with their deficiency? And/or very red and dry eye(s)? Just wondering ;)
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Thank you for posting your questions along with your idea to post our symptoms.  I agree, I think the symptoms of vitamin D is much more extensive.  Just reading these posts help me feel more at ease that my problems could all be from a vitamin D deficiency. For years, I have been having strange symptoms that every doctor has said was anxiety, even though I keep insisting that it feels like it is my body not my head.  I cannot tell you how drs tried to push me to accept an anxiety disorder.  I refused the anti anxiety medications and have been concentrating on my diet and eating super healthy.  Because of a recent heavy menstruation, my gyno became suspicious of an iron deficiency.  Turns out my iron is fine, my thyroid is normal, but my vitamin D was at 17.  I asked him about my issues lately and he said they could be linked.  These doctors have no clue.

Since I have had several serious auto accidents which has left me with an inner ear rupture and a disc that needed to be removed (I had a cervical fusion), I thought a lot of my symptoms were related to that.  Now, after reading all these posts, I don't know.  I have the ringing in my ears (sometimes so loud I cannot stand it), constant headaches, always achy muscles (arms, legs, feet, neck, shoulders, skull, forehead), dizzy at times, light headed, exercise intolerance (but keep trying), fatigue, feel drained, had heat senstitivity where I could not tolerate the sun hitting my skin even in the car, jaw pain, cannot tolerate a drink (and I love my red wine), and a constant feeling I do not feel good.  I think some of the different symptoms are related to women and hormones.  What I have not heard yet, though, is a heart rate that temporarily goes over 180 at rest.  Twice, my heart rate went so fast all of the sudden that we could not even feel a pulse.  It came and went quickly.  I felt like I was going to die.  In the hospital, they could not find anything wrong and labeled it anxiety.  Both times were in the summer.  All so bizarre...and to not have an answer is frustrating because I still worry I might end up having something seriously wrong that could have been cured if they caught it earlier.  Scary.

I hope we hear more answers and more research into the Vitamin D deficiency and that the public is notified.  Why suffer when it is so easy to fix!
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Thank you! thank you!  Just found out about the vitamin D deficentcy that I have not sure the levels ect.  but Doc ordered 50,000 IUNs 2 times per week for 12 weeks.  

I have been on Paxil for about 5 and 1/2 years Suddenly it wasn't working anymore.  I couldn't concentrate and I was having to stop and ponder simple questions, like what to drink with supper.  Oh and talk about being exhausted that was me, no matter what I did I was tired.  I am on Trezadone to help me sleep but it was not working either.  I seemed to have a cold or the flu every other week and the pain in my body was debilitating.  The slightest bit of extertion would leave me unable to do anything for two to three days.  Things I enjoyed doing were to taxing and uninteresting.  Talk about grumpy, I wanted to rip peoples heads off.  The sound of running water drove me nuts.  Couldn't stand to have any really tight clothes on, and everything felt really tight.  Many more of the things you all have listed like; not being able to get enough air, the tipsey feeling, even the weight gain that one of you listed, and many others, has hit home as well.

I took my first dose on Wen. and today is Sat.  the difference is like night and day.  I'd say that I saw about a 30% change in me.  I look forward to feeling like myself in a few weeks.    I thought I was losing my mind but now I know that I wasn't and that has help a lot as well.  After reading the post on here I feel like I can breath again.  Thanks everybody for your imput.  It really helps.  
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I've been diagnosed w/Vit D deficiency, my level is 4.  After reading all of the possible symptoms I certainly have many of them.  I am wondering, has anyone experienced a lot of nausea?  I have it when I first wake in the a.m. (NOT pregnant :) ) & periodically throughout the late afternoon.  Also, how long before any symptom relief kicks in after starting Vit. D.?
Thanks in advance for any input. :)
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