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Vitamin D deficiency recovery or primary hyperparathyroidism?

I am a 26 year old female with no underlying health problems.  My endo checked my pth levels after my vitamin d 1,25 results came back high at 89 a month before.  My obgyn ordered the 1,25 when I asked her to check my vitamin d...not sure why she ordered that lab instead of 25. I am 5'8.5 and 165 lbs.

Results may 15 2012
Pth intact 87 (10-65)
Serum ca 9.3 (9.3 in march 2011) (8.7-10.5)
Ionized ca 1.24 (1.06-1.42)
Phosporus 2.9 (2.7-4.5)
Vitamin d (25) 40 (22 in march 2011) (30-100)
Creatinine .6 (.7 in march 2011).(.5-1.4)
Bun  10 (16 in march 2011) (6-20)
24 hour urine normal at 303 (100-400)
Alkaline phosphatase 49 (43 in march 2011) (55-135)
No stones that I know of
Negative for celiacs

Follow up on 7/30/12
Pth intact 94 (10-65)
Serum ca 9.1 (8.7-10.5)
Ionized ca 1.22 (1.06-1.42)
Phosphorus 3.1 (2.7-4.5)
Creatinine .7 (.5-1.4)
Bun 16 (6-20)
Alkaline phosphatase 55 (55-135)
Still no stones
Vitamin d (25) 41    (30-100)
Vitamin d1,25...74 (25-66)

Magnesium 2.1 (1.6-2.6)

Serum ca 10.2
Phosphorus 3.6
Pth 64
Don't have other results back yet for vitamin d.  I have been out in the sun daily and take 2,000 iu daily as I have since I first got my low vit d (of 22) in march 2011. So I expect it to not be much different from what it was 2 weeks ago.

I am now 27 so I know sometimes people my age have higher ca levels, but doesn't the change from 9.1 to 10.2 in just two weeks fit primary pth? Could this be something else?  I see my doc next week but I know there are so many nuances to this so I want to know what's going on.  I had planned to begin trying to get pregnant in the near future (doc said phpt doesn't affect pregnancy) and the research I have found on phpt during pregnancy is not a good situation.  So I am anxious to get this resolved.  
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