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Vitamin d deficiency and bone fractures

Hi. I am a 22 year old female and I have been diagnosed with vitamin d deficiency and osteomalacia (both related to each other). I have hip fractures also from my weak bones. I have had them for over a year and had to get screws put in my legs to try to heal them. I have suffered from severe leg pains and I can barely get around. I have only gotten screws put in one side of my hips so far and now have to rely on crutches to move at all. I take vitamin d, phosphorus and calcium daily now. I have to get more test done because my doctor thinks I have benign tumors causing my loss of phosphorus. Which mean more surgery.

Basically what I am wanting to know is, is all this necessary? Or is something else possibly wrong that my doctors are missing. I can't tell if the screws have even helped at all. Does anyone have any advice for the pain so I can get around better? Like I said I'm 22 and not being able to enjoy my life really is starting to get to me. Plus, crutches are the worst things ever and I would like to be done with them. Any help anyone has would be great. I've been on vitamin d for a couple months now and this pain is not getting better. I was also wondering if anyone else on here had bone fractures or osteomalacia associated with their deficiency? My doctors make me feel like I am a freak case and treat me like a lab rat. Which is not an insult, it's a good thing they care this much. I have been blessed with great doctors now. It's just getting hard to keep any sort of life for myself. It's all being filled with doctor visits, tests, and blood work.  
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