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body Imbalance/nausea

I am 28 years old. I had gone through forum and found you with related symptoms of mine like body offbalance/imbalance  always and sometimes cant concentrate on things, with people who talk because of always imbalance. while driving, walking also I feel same. I had my MRI brain, ECG, 2D Stress, thyroid all were normal. Nausea is always but never vomit. due to nausea cant eat much.
even when I sit on chair sometimes I feel I fall down. and when I try to walk/drive in sunny days I cant even drive or walk because of sun. it feels I cant even walk and feel like imbalance more in sun.

When I showed to ENT specialist he said its not vertigo. Imbalance is different thing and he did not recommend me any medicine and said its all your feelings only which generate anxiety and imbalance.
after gone through several forums found out Vit D Deficinecy and checked that after that found I am Vit D deficient person just 2 days back.

So my question is by taking vit d  medications will imbalance problem vanish?

Please need your help badly because daily life is spoiling because of this issue.
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