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vit d 24 question

What a relief to find this group !!  I've been suffering for months now - with increasing muscle pain, creaking joints, waking multiple times at night, loss of concentration, anxiety that hit me out of the blue (never had this before), heart palpitations, chest pains, dramatic hair loss, crippling nervousness from the minute I open my eyes in the morning and being shaky on top of it.  I am a young 53yo female and I've never had these issues until just recently.  The final straw for me was loosing 1/2 my hair volume in 2 months.  I was freaking out trying to explain the issues to my Dr.  She finally ran my blood labs and my vit d came back as 24.  She didn't seem to be too concerned and told me to take 5000IU daily.  She just recently upped my Crestor from 20mg to 40mg.  I've also read that statins can cause hair loss, but I've seen low vit d can do the same.  I'm wondering if the 5000IU daily is sufficient to get my levels back up.
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hi how are u   Ya it enough to take it but it better to take vitamin d and magnesium coz magnesium it help a lot with the vitamin d  ,, don't worry just be patient it takes a while to heal but make ur level up and hang in there
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