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vitamin D2 treatment not working
Hi everyone, I just joined this group, and was recently diagnosed with a vitamin D deficiency-my levels were at 13 when the average I believe is 30-40 or something like that(I've also heard that 20-50 is a more broad average).
This diagnosis was concluded after countless blood tests and doctor visits that sadly exhausted all of my finances :(

Everything started months before this diagnosis, when my joints slowly began getting really bad. one knee was constantly swollen with fluid and the other knee in extreme pain. Both of my shoulders could barely move without pain and my ankles began to swell as well. So like I said, I was finally given the vitamin d deficiency diagnosis. This was figured out about 7 weeks ago and my doctor prescribed me 25,000vitamin D2 weekly. After almost a week, my shoulder pain went away, my ankle swelling was no more, and my right knee's swelling was almost completely gone, along with my other knee that completely stopped hurting- I was surprised that I had started to feel better so quickly. I was worried about the D2 treatment at first because I'd heard that only D3 would help and also that other vitamins were needed to help the body absorb the vit D. but again, I started to feel better immediately.

This new good feeling only lasted a couple weeks, because about 2 weeks ago, I took my weekly vitamin D2 as usual, and it seemed like almost instantly I started feeling leg and shoulder pain again. As of right now, my right knee is almost twice as swollen as it was before, and the pain in my left knee is also particularly worse than before; along with the shoulder pain being reinstalled as well.

Does anyone know why this may be? Around the time all the pain came back, I had spent a couple days not being as active as usual, as Iive in downtown seattle and therefore walk everywhere and very often. Other than that, I cant think of anything that could have set this off. Since I've started the vitamin D2, ive also been taking magnesium and only just added vitamin K to that as well.

Would anyone have any ideas as to why this is happening? I wanted to attempt figuring this out for myself first, since I have literally no $$ to revisit any doctors(actually I ironically lost my health insurance only days after my vitamin D diagnosis!). I know this isn't unheard of, as I read recently that others that are deficient in vitamin D have also had their bad/painful symptoms reoccur after they began their treatment as well, but I could not find much explanation for this.

Im wondering if their is a vitamin or supplement I am missing? if anyone can offer any ideas i'd greatly appreciate!
Thanks for your time,
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