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vitamin d deficiency

iam 22 years old guy..with 222 pound weight and 177 cm (my bmi is 32.9) ...i suffering from some symptoms that happened suddenly in 25 december2011 :(all these symptoms hppen in 20 days period)
the first thing i have an headache in the back of head ( stay for 1 hrs) then dissapeared
then have an headache in the top of my head (happen several times )
Visual changes ( i see very good but not as before) sometimes
my eyes are somewhat red (i went to a doctor..he said i have Inflammation of the eyelid and give me drops for eyes and now my eyes are better than before)
Ringing in the ears (in the  morning and when going to sleep) especially in the left ear
Ears pain "feel like air in them" sometimes
inability to focus or concentrate and a visual problem when be in a room with crowded people with not enough air
loss of balance (such as a the feeling when an elevator stops) sometimes
Dizziness and Headaches sometimes
muscle weakness (arms and legs)
tingling in arms and hands and legs and feet ...(like electrical shocks) and im my face (3 or 4 times)
pain in neck and right shouder
The bones of the pelvis"happen one times"
my blood test shows:
1- vitamin d deficiency ( my level is 5.7 ng/ml)
2-my hgb is 15.8
3-my iron level is 231 (high than normal)
my doctor ask me to take 2000 iu daily but i take 3000 iu daily
now ,i have taken 3000 iu daily (from 2 weeks until now) and feel better

i went to a neurologist and she see me and my eyes and said i haven't  any problem!

and my current  symptoms :(after taking 3000 iu vitamin d (d3) for 2 weeks :

headache in all head(heavy head) (i have headache just for one day last week and today)
dizzness especially when go to college or walk
tingling in feet and hands (happen for 2 days)
off balance ( just like the feeling when the elevators suddenly stop!
pain in right arm and shouder
sometimes in the night i feel my hurt is beat rapidly
Inflammation of the throat " a little" .. i eat and drink normal without any problems
numbness (muscle weakness in hands and legs) "happen 3 times in the last 14 days in the night"
today i feel a dizzness (from morning until now) ..my head is heavy
my question : is vitamin d deficiency (5.7 ng/ml) could do all of these symptoms?? and if so how long time i need to recover???  or do i have another problem?!!
please answer me quickly
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