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First day and a little hesitant

Hello everyone, hope this night finds everyone (all 12 of us, ha-ha) doing well.  I have battled vicodin addiction for approximately 10 years off and (mainly on).  As I'm sure you've all experienced the calamity of addiction I assume I don't have to go into detail about how this has completely devestated me and my entire life.  I was told about Suboxon by a friend who I haven't spoken with in about 2 years, but from what I recall her experience was a great one, as far as withdrawal symptoms; problem is, I don't know if she remained clean, is still on suboxone, or actually anything that occurred after about the first two weeks, as I moved for several months and have been unable to locate her.  I was initially under the impression that this was a very short term treatment, but from what I've been reading today that doesn't seem to be the case.  It has been two days since I had any vicodin, and I was starting to go into pretty severe withdrawals prior to receiving the medication.  I'm sorry this is turning more into a statement than a question (actually more of a novel), I guess I just want to be as thorough as possible.  Anyway, almost immediately after taking my first dose I began to feel better.  It's been about five and a half hours since, and I'm still feeling good.  My concern is, and it seems to be a valid one, is that I'm just switching from one addiction to another.  Honestly, I wouldn't mind that so much (sounds terrible, doesn't it) if I thought it was justifiable...I just can't seem to justify another drug addiction.  I have battled depression for many years, and the only time I've been able to stay off the vicodin was for about 2 years while I was consistently treating my depression with anti-depressants.  I lost my job, lost my insurance...lost my anti-depressants and eventually found the vicodin again.  The doctor who prescribed the suboxone told me that we would address my depression issues next week, hopefully putting me on them again.  I am currently unemployed, so payment for all of this is actually coming from  my extremely wonderful and supportive parents.  I am unsure how long the doctor expects to keep me on the suboxone, but I would like to use it until I have gotten a foot-hold on reality through the anti-depressants and not any longer than necessary.  Okay, here's to the question...what can I expect; is it realistic to think I can take this only short term?  Am I fooling myself?  Wow, just re-read and this is a monster question.  Really sorry, I'm not usually so verbose.  If anyone with any information or experience could recount their experience, it would be of great help to me.  Thanks in advance for any suggestions.  Next time I won't write a book for a question, I promise.
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