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how do I come off this crazy train???????????
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I've been on sub for two years. I can wean myself down to 1 mg but after that I can't get off or I have horrific withdrawals. I think going into a medical detox is sub users best bet.
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I'm thinking about seeking help @ a medical detox program..  I think talking to people who have done it themselves may help me........
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I cant believe its that hard to stop a medicine that is used to treat addiction
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were you in total withdraw when you started suboxone?
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I joined your group a long time ago but never posted.
I just posted my "story" with suboxone.
I am wondering if you have stopped taking it? Did you
go to detox or do it on your own?
If your read my post you can see my husband has been at 2mg for over
a year and is having a difficult time going past 3 days. His first symptom is his
stomach, then tired, total lack of interest and energy , also complains of body aches.
I think it's minor withdrawal that increases his anxiety level that may or may not cause cravings. I tell him he's just not ready yet to stop all together. It's like being suspended over a bridge and no place to go.
Just curious to see what you ended up doing and what your outcome was.
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