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AF showed today. CD1?? Join me!!

If you are starting another cycle, join me on this posts to share info and symptoms along the journey. Baby dust to us all who are ttc!!
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Right there with you on CD2 now.
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Great, I have a buddy!!! ;~)
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Right behind you!
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Ovulation Day not too far away!! Fertile stage starts Saturday for me!! Ovulation prediction is on the 30th!! My fingers are crossed!! Baby dust to us all!!
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Thanx for joining us Lynniepooh!!
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Sorry to say this, but DH and I have decided to hold off on ttc if BFP does not show in this cycle. Between August when I weaned myself off of my migrane meds, up until now, I have managed to gain about 22 pounds!! It would not be healthy for us to conceive right now. I was 140-145 when I began weaning off the meds. That is alot of weight in such a short period of time. I gave in to cravings and I feel my meds kept my appetite under control while I was on them. Without them, I was unable to fight and eat the way I knew I shoulda been eating. I used to be 183 pounds and fought my way down from there, only to arrive at 162 today. I am so disappointed in myself, but the only thing to do now is fight full force with everything I have. If I am already pregnant, light exercise and watching what I eat is an order. If not, heavy exercise and watching what I eat is an order. Either way, time to get back on the healthy way of living horse!! I will be in touch with the weight tracker if I am not pregnant. I know you ladies will be tracking ttc or babies. Thanx for being here for me!! God bless!!
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What is ttc? Does it stand for trying to conceive???
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Yes. That's what it stands for.
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Im on CD 9. My ovulation is predicted to happen on the 5th of June. I've finally gotten  my regular periods back, I was on Mirena IUD for 4 years. I had it taken out March 3rd of this year. ssbd on all of you.
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CD1 Right here!  Let's hope that this cycle is our cycle!  DH and I have been trying since October last year.  
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My chart wasn't updated ... err.  Now it's correct.
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