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Since I had miscarriaged las month and all I decided to not try for a baby no more... I suppose to be ovulating right now... I'm kinda wondering does ovulation causes fatigue and often trips to the bathroom to pee??... Ugh I'm scared out of my life to be pregnant again & the baby won't stick... :-(
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Hmmmm, I can't say that I have the same symptoms when I ovulate but I do when I'm pregnant! Hang in there and pray for the best! I understand how you feel, I also miscarried earlier this year, I'm pregnant again but so far no heartbeat detected. Petrified! Good luck, keep us posted!x
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Thank you so much! The symptoms went away so maybe it was just ovulation. Thats a good sign I am thinking. I will pray your baby is ok and healthy. God has the last word so don't despear and have faith that God will see you guys come brought anything. I also wish a second baby but my miscarriages have left me kinda paranoid and scared to go through one again so I had decided to wait. Me and my husband had done the best we can to not conceive so I think we gonna be ok. Thank you mamita & God bless.
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