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new to this

Hi I'm new to this and I need some help please....I have not had a period since september 10th and I've been naseuas and bloated with lower back pain and sore breast I get headaches on and off and keep gaining weight I had unprotected sex everyday on my ovaulation days and before ovaulation even after I am not on bcp because I'm toot thin and my body can't handle it. Anyways I am always regular and my cycles always last 7 days well my period on september 10th lasted on 3 days and I'm due for a period every 20 days I have egg white discharge and have cramping that goes with the diahrreah (sorry for tmi but I really need help) and my 5 month old and two year old don't want me like the use to. I've taken a total of 12 test since I've noticed I'm late and haven't had my period my boobs feel like I'm getting rocks thrown at it and I really want to know what's going on since every test is negative any advice will help thank you
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WOW! Maybe you should wait until next week to test again. I know it might be hard but just be patient.
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Lol do.u have any suggestions hun that u think it might be i got a doctors appointment tomorrow hoping and praying that im pregnant lol
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Just got a positive hpt O:-) praying its a real positive crossing my fingers
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