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so confused !!

were to start, rite well i had my coil out on the 4th of june, the had a period from the 5th of june to the 9th which is when i was meant to have my period so pleased about that how ever im now trying for a baby so had unprotected sex on the 9th 18th 19th 24th also the 29th praying that im pregnant.. but heres were i get confused im due on on the 5th of this month so 2days time and so i bought a few tests all the ggod ones that test early and normal ones and theyv all came back negative???? so dont no what to think now? anyone help me out with some answers ? x
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also can i just say it was the copper coil so had no hormones in it ... so my cycles should remain the same ... just thought i would ov shown up pregnant on a test 2 days befor am due on ..
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With my first I didn't show positive on a preggo test until the first day of my missed period. Don't give up hope. Did you test again today?
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