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Cervical Thinning During Pregnancy: Your Symptoms Manual


What Cervical Thinning During Pregnancy Is 

Cervical thinning usually occurs in the last month of your pregnancy, as your cervix stretches. Your doctor can tell you how far effaced (thinned) your cervix is, in percentages. This lets you know how stretched your cervix has become, and how close you are to delivery. When you're ready to deliver, your cervix will be 100% effaced.


Why Cervical Thinning Happens 

As you approach your due date, the body is preparing itself for labor. Pregnancy hormones soften your cervix and the contractions dilate and thin it. A thinner cervix allows the cervix to dilate more easily for birth. When the cervix is fully opened up, it forms one continuous channel with the uterus, through which the baby passes.

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