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Fatigue During Pregnancy: Your Symptoms Manual


What Fatigue During Pregnancy Is

During your pregnancy, you might feel tired even after you've had a lot of sleep. This is known as fatigue. Or you may be getting very little sleep. Insomnia is the inability to sleep at night, which of course makes you tired and cranky during the day.

Many women find they're exhausted early in the first trimester, around week 8 or even before. Don't worry, this is normal! It's your body's way of telling you that you need more rest. In the second trimester, tiredness is usually replaced with feelings of well-being and energy. But in the third trimester, exhaustion often sets in again, as it can be difficult to sleep.

Why Fatigue During Pregnancy Happens

Your baby lives on a 24-hour clock and its metabolism keeps going even when it's your bedtime. This can affect your body's responses.

As you get larger, sleeping may become more difficult. The baby's movements, night sweats, the need to empty your bladder and even an increase in your body's metabolism might interrupt or disturb your sleep. Leg cramping can also interfere with a good night's sleep.


How to Relieve Fatigue During Pregnancy

  • Lie on your left side.

  • Use pillows for support, such as behind your back, tucked between your knees and under your tummy.

  • Practice good sleep habits, such as going to bed and getting up at the same time each day and using your bed only for sleep and sex.

  • Go to bed a little earlier.

  • Nap if you're not able to get enough sleep at night.

  • Drink fluids earlier in the day, so you can drink less in the hours before bed.

  • Try a warm bath. The drop in temperature after you get out may lull you into sleep.

  • Drink hot milk at bedtime.

  • Try a relaxing massage.

  • Watch TV or read until you feel sleepy.

  • Try to stay cool while you sleep.

Certain sleeping pills may not be recommended, since they can cross the placenta and affect the baby; check with your healthcare provider. 

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