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Your First Trimester - Week 9


Week 9


What's Happening To Your Body

Stuffy noses and bloody noses are common during pregnancy, thanks to swelling in your nasal passages. Try using a vaporizer or humidifier to lessen the symptoms.

Although you probably won’t notice a visible bump yet, your uterus has doubled in size since conception. You may feel that your waistband is a bit snug.

What's Happening To Your Baby

Your baby now measures about 1 inch (2.5 cm) long from crown to rump, or roughly the size of a grape.

Overall, your baby is starting look more human now that the embryonic tail at the end of its spinal cord is nearly gone. All of the baby’s joints are working. It can make a fist and may even begin to suck its own thumb. And it’s starting to grow 10 tiny toes. 

Gonads have become testes (for boys) or ovaries (for girls). Your baby’s digestive system also continues to develop. Its anus is forming and its intestines are growing longer.

The skeleton may begin ossifying as the bones form cartilage. Your baby has also started taking its first few drinks from amniotic fluid.

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