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Your Third Trimester - Week 33


Week 33


What's Happening To Your Body

At this point in the pregnancy, you should be gaining another pound each week. You may also be experiencing sciatic pain caused by compression in the back. If you experience a lot of discomfort, consult your healthcare provider about pain relief options. Don't take any medication that your healthcare provider hasn't approved.

Your blood volume has increased by 50% during your first two trimesters. It will start leveling out next week and remain constant until you deliver. In addition, amniotic fluid is at its highest level; it will remain at this level until birth.

Although a little swelling is common, be sure to contact your healthcare provider immediately if you notice extensive swelling, especially around your face and neck.

Uterine twitching may be more common than before due to your baby's hiccups.

Continue to eat properly and get all the recommended nutrients to ensure a healthy baby. Frequency of heartburn may increase due to the growing baby in your body, so be sure to continue eating smaller, more frequent meals if you experience heartburn.

In preparation for labor, you may want to begin practicing breathing techniques that you may have learned at pregnancy classes or from your healthcare provider.


What's Happening To Your Baby

Your baby is the size of a pineapple. Your baby measures 17.2 inches (43.7 cm) long from head to heel. At this point your baby weighs about 4.5 pounds (2 kg).

Your baby will accumulate more fat, turning your its skin from red to pink. This fat will keep your baby warm from birth until it can regulate its own body temperature.

There’s not much room in your womb for your baby now. You'll feel fewer jabs and kicks and more rolling movements as your baby’s quarters become more confined.

The developing neural structure within the brain is helping your baby listen, feel and partially see. It's also allowing for REM sleep cycles, which your baby experiences often, as it sleeps 90 to 95% of the day at this point.


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