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Your Third Trimester - Week 35


Week 35


What's Happening To Your Body

You may experience more aches and pains in your pelvic area. The baby’s weight, along with the pregnancy hormone relaxin, causes your pelvic joints to expand in preparation for delivery. In addition, contractions may become more frequent, another sign that your body is preparing for your baby’s arrival.

Sleeping may be extremely difficult. While part of this is due to the physical effects of pregnancy, another part may be due to anxiety. Try to relax as much as possible. Reach out to girlfriends or relatives who have been there, done that — they will help walk you through the unfamiliar and ease your worries.

Only 5 more weeks to go! Keep it up!


What's Happening To Your Baby

Your baby is the size of a honeydew melon. Your baby now measures approximately 18.2 inches (46.2 cm) long from head to heel and weighs almost 5.5 pounds (2.5 kg).

Although babies are considered preemies until 37 weeks, 99% of babies born at week 35 survive without any major complications.

The baby's organs are becoming more and more defined each week. Its central nervous system is maturing, its digestive system is almost complete and its lungs are almost fully developed.


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