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13 Foods to Avoid During Pregnancy

Raw or Undercooked Eggs

Raw or Undercooked Eggs

If eggs are on the menu, make sure they’re cooked throughout, so the whites and the yolks are firm (think hard-boiled, hard-scrambled or a well-done omelet). And don’t forget about the raw egg in the cookies you’re making — wait until they’re baked before yielding to temptation. Because salmonella bacteria can withstand light cooking, ingesting runny or undercooked eggs can cause salmonellosis, which can lead to pre-term labor. If you think you may have food poisoning from eating a raw or undercooked egg, contact your doctor right away.

By Marta Debski. Marta Debski is a runner, health enthusiast and proud Wolverine. Published June 12, 2011. Updated August 5, 2015.
Reviewed by Shira Goldenholz, MD, MPH on July 30, 2015.