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Is It Safe? Top Pregnancy Questions Answered

What to Worry About (or Not) While Pregnant

What to Worry About (or Not) While Pregnant

Pregnancy can make you approach daily life with much more caution. Things you once did without a care — dying your hair, drinking coffee — may now be followed by a big question mark. Let this rundown of common pregnancy concerns put your mind at ease (or perhaps prep you to be more careful!). Advice can vary, so check with your healthcare provider before you do anything risky. But these are good general rules of thumb.

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By Lora Shinn. Published November 5, 2015. Lora Shinn is a freelance writer in Los Angeles, CA. Her work has appeared on and, as well as in Pregnancy magazine.
Reviewed by Elisabeth Aron, MD, MPH, FACOG on July 30, 2015.