LoveofHunter's MedHelp Blogs Medical communities and forums staffed by doctors from leading medical centers. Over 325 forums and communities providing medical information and medical help. en Overly cautious... Ever since I got the results back that the baby does not have my genetic disorder I just can't begin LoveofHunter Mon, 23 Aug 2010 09:41:37 -0400 I am finally back! CVS Hi everyone I am so happy to be settled into our new place. Sorry I have been MIA. We got the prelimi LoveofHunter Sun, 08 Aug 2010 13:07:34 -0400 CVS I have my cvs testing today and I have to say that I am very nervous. I almost feel sick because I am LoveofHunter Tue, 29 Jun 2010 13:02:43 -0400 My dream.... I had a dream this morning about this little baby that I am carrying. I was in labor and at the hospi LoveofHunter Sat, 12 Jun 2010 12:46:40 -0400 Waiting and worrying.. Well I finally got a BFP! Yay! With that said now comes the waiting and worrying. I am trying to stay LoveofHunter Fri, 14 May 2010 19:23:01 -0400 BFP!!! Last night I tested and got a faint BFP! I think that this could be it! I was so excited and happy I LoveofHunter Thu, 13 May 2010 11:26:08 -0400 The wait... Well I am now 15 dpo and still no af. I took a hpt yesterday and it was negative. I would have though LoveofHunter Tue, 11 May 2010 11:12:44 -0400 Hoping for the best! Well this is my 3rd cycle since losing Hunter. We have been trying ttc ever since. This cycle I ended LoveofHunter Fri, 30 Apr 2010 17:58:26 -0400 Nights like these... It is nights like these that I just don't know what to do with myself. After my DD goes to bed and my LoveofHunter Wed, 24 Mar 2010 01:37:26 -0400 Silent tears... Hi everyone, we lost our little one at 17 weeks. I delivered him in the hospital on Jan 7, 2010. He w LoveofHunter Sat, 06 Mar 2010 11:15:04 -0500 Day dreams... I absolutely could not sleep last night. We are ttc and if I am or do get pregnant who is to say that LoveofHunter Tue, 02 Mar 2010 13:28:16 -0500