DollFacePR's MedHelp Blogs Medical communities and forums staffed by doctors from leading medical centers. Over 325 forums and communities providing medical information and medical help. en Having been here in such a long time..! I haven't been here is a loooooong time..! But I need to get stuff off my chest and this is the best DollFacePR Wed, 07 Aug 2013 22:57:50 -0400 Update on Baby Ariana....(long post) Hello Everyone, Sorry I havent written in so long, I've been coming back and forth from the hospi DollFacePR Sun, 16 Oct 2011 01:30:33 -0400 I just want to bring my baby home Today is one of those days that I wish I could disconnect my baby from al the wires at the NICU and j DollFacePR Fri, 09 Sep 2011 08:23:05 -0400 Ariana's Birth Story As I mentioned in my status, baby girl was born on August 23rd, 2011 @ 5:57pm, she came out @ 29 week DollFacePR Mon, 29 Aug 2011 07:28:21 -0400 Update First of all, thank you very much ladies for your prayers and positive thoughts, trust me they've bee DollFacePR Fri, 19 Aug 2011 12:21:04 -0400 Told I have Anterior Placenta... I was told I have anterior placenta which means that I might not feel my baby girl move until later i DollFacePR Tue, 12 Jul 2011 23:09:28 -0400 Baking Soda Gender Test Have anyone heard about the baking soda gender test? I just read about it in another site. It says th DollFacePR Sat, 23 Apr 2011 18:05:58 -0400 Doppler Considering purchasing a doppler, but I'm not sure were to get them and if I should buy a new or used DollFacePR Sat, 23 Apr 2011 00:10:03 -0400 Yo quiero Taco Bell..! Having a big bad craving for Taco Bell...! I want everything on the menu...! DollFacePR Sun, 03 Apr 2011 12:50:11 -0400 BFP Update..! Hello Everyone! I'm sorry I havent given any updates, my computer decided to stop working and is hard DollFacePR Sat, 26 Mar 2011 23:09:47 -0400 To test Or not to test To test or not to test, that is the question....I only have one test left. According to one calendar DollFacePR Tue, 22 Feb 2011 07:14:37 -0500 RE Appotinment set The OBGYB called yesterday said that all my tests came up normal, just waiting on the result of the p DollFacePR Sat, 19 Feb 2011 16:58:37 -0500 VENTING....BIG TIME VENTING..! Ok, here it goes...My husband comes home today with the news that his oldest daughter wants to move w DollFacePR Mon, 14 Feb 2011 16:03:56 -0500 New begginings Today I decided to take the first step towards a healthier life. I decided to take a different approa DollFacePR Tue, 25 Jan 2011 19:30:00 -0500 @ a Crossroad.... Just went to the my doctor for the yearly physical, and thank God, everything is ok, except of course DollFacePR Sat, 22 Jan 2011 15:04:02 -0500 Awesome....... :/ I always try to keep a positive attitude and believe that things will happend in due time, but someti DollFacePR Fri, 31 Dec 2010 13:29:24 -0500 Cramping.... Cramping soo bad, feels like O' pain all over again....;( Ouch...! DollFacePR Mon, 08 Nov 2010 19:50:11 -0500 OMG....My husband needs a hobbie....! We just moved, and our furniture hasnt arrived yet, so we have cable but no TV, needless to say my hu DollFacePR Fri, 15 Oct 2010 19:28:49 -0400 Tricks My body is playing tricks on me...According to my ovulation tracker, I should be ovulating by the 5th DollFacePR Sun, 03 Oct 2010 20:56:16 -0400 Hoping and Praying... Well, we're getting settle in NYC. We found a really nice place, our furniture is on its way..I just DollFacePR Sun, 03 Oct 2010 20:04:50 -0400