hopeitworks's MedHelp Blogs https://www.medhelp.org/user_journals/show/1396867 Medical communities and forums staffed by doctors from leading medical centers. Over 325 forums and communities providing medical information and medical help. en Spread the word! Hello ladies! I know I've been away.I'm hoping I can lean on you all to check out a friend's newest hopeitworks Wed, 24 Feb 2016 18:40:58 -0600 https://www.medhelp.org/user_journals/show/1899054/Spread-the-word https://www.medhelp.org/user_journals/show/1899054/Spread-the-word I think the time has come to say goodbye Hello Ladies- I want to start off by saying I am who I am today in part because of all the love and hopeitworks Wed, 05 Mar 2014 20:44:19 -0600 https://www.medhelp.org/user_journals/show/1022795/I-think-the-time-has-come-to-say-goodbye https://www.medhelp.org/user_journals/show/1022795/I-think-the-time-has-come-to-say-goodbye Some Input So DF recently switched companies within his career path. In going to this company he went on hoping hopeitworks Wed, 04 Dec 2013 11:07:29 -0600 https://www.medhelp.org/user_journals/show/972549/Some-Input https://www.medhelp.org/user_journals/show/972549/Some-Input Funny Yahoo News Today SOOOO TRUE!!!! We do weird things like sing goofy songs to make our children smile in public places and wipe their f hopeitworks Wed, 20 Nov 2013 07:07:14 -0600 https://www.medhelp.org/user_journals/show/952894/Funny-Yahoo-News-Today-SOOOO-TRUE https://www.medhelp.org/user_journals/show/952894/Funny-Yahoo-News-Today-SOOOO-TRUE Please Help Ok so I wrote breifly on this last week however this is more about sleep than anything Quinlan has hopeitworks Mon, 07 Oct 2013 10:29:41 -0500 https://www.medhelp.org/user_journals/show/898308/Please-Help https://www.medhelp.org/user_journals/show/898308/Please-Help Advice Needed Behavior/Sleep I dont know where to start. So Quinlan is a totally different child with me verses DF, with DF she ha hopeitworks Wed, 02 Oct 2013 07:20:24 -0500 https://www.medhelp.org/user_journals/show/893408/Advice-Needed-Behavior-Sleep https://www.medhelp.org/user_journals/show/893408/Advice-Needed-Behavior-Sleep Natural Garcinia Cambogia Ive been reading about Garcinia Cambogia. It was on the Dr Oz show and seems to be a hit right now. hopeitworks Fri, 27 Sep 2013 08:01:01 -0500 https://www.medhelp.org/user_journals/show/886248/Natural-Garcinia-Cambogia https://www.medhelp.org/user_journals/show/886248/Natural-Garcinia-Cambogia The three words I have been waiting to here July 31, 2013, Our sweet little miracle said the three words we have been dying to hear I wuv you hopeitworks Thu, 01 Aug 2013 16:07:16 -0500 https://www.medhelp.org/user_journals/show/833597/The-three-words-I-have-been-waiting-to-here https://www.medhelp.org/user_journals/show/833597/The-three-words-I-have-been-waiting-to-here Life after hysterectomy So here I am let me see 3months out since my hysterectomy. I have hot flashes mainly at night but I h hopeitworks Wed, 22 May 2013 09:37:43 -0500 https://www.medhelp.org/user_journals/show/775180/Life-after-hysterectomy https://www.medhelp.org/user_journals/show/775180/Life-after-hysterectomy Me... So I havent been on here for any extended amount of time in a few weeks. I am feeling better each day hopeitworks Tue, 19 Mar 2013 19:23:37 -0500 https://www.medhelp.org/user_journals/show/700225/Me https://www.medhelp.org/user_journals/show/700225/Me Surgery 2/27/13 So we arrived at the hospital for 11:30, they took me right back only to be told the OR my Dr was usi hopeitworks Fri, 01 Mar 2013 14:45:24 -0600 https://www.medhelp.org/user_journals/show/692027/Surgery-2-27-13 https://www.medhelp.org/user_journals/show/692027/Surgery-2-27-13 Upcoming Surgery and my feelings AS you all know when I feel overwhelmed I journal they often dont flow and my words are all over the hopeitworks Thu, 21 Feb 2013 08:05:22 -0600 https://www.medhelp.org/user_journals/show/687481/Upcoming-Surgery-and-my-feelings https://www.medhelp.org/user_journals/show/687481/Upcoming-Surgery-and-my-feelings Im Engaged!!!! Well its finally happened. After 13yrs together and being through more than most married couples we k hopeitworks Mon, 18 Feb 2013 08:28:26 -0600 https://www.medhelp.org/user_journals/show/685840/Im-Engaged https://www.medhelp.org/user_journals/show/685840/Im-Engaged A moment to remember Quinlan walked in my office, with a gift bag and a card. The card was the most beautiful card from DB hopeitworks Thu, 31 Jan 2013 15:38:05 -0600 https://www.medhelp.org/user_journals/show/672767/A-moment-to-remember https://www.medhelp.org/user_journals/show/672767/A-moment-to-remember Appt 1/30/13 I met with the GYn Oncologist today. He said if my ca125 level wasnt rising at the rate its been ris hopeitworks Thu, 31 Jan 2013 07:12:20 -0600 https://www.medhelp.org/user_journals/show/672623/Appt-1-30-13 https://www.medhelp.org/user_journals/show/672623/Appt-1-30-13 Time Capsule for Quinlan Hello Friends- We are going to do a time capsule for Quinlan at her 1st Birthday Party we will give t hopeitworks Mon, 28 Jan 2013 10:30:56 -0600 https://www.medhelp.org/user_journals/show/669414/Time-Capsule-for-Quinlan https://www.medhelp.org/user_journals/show/669414/Time-Capsule-for-Quinlan Feelings Ugh I cant help but be scared of my Ct scan coming up. Every since my Dr appt on Tuesday. All that ru hopeitworks Thu, 17 Jan 2013 07:55:48 -0600 https://www.medhelp.org/user_journals/show/659077/Feelings https://www.medhelp.org/user_journals/show/659077/Feelings Book or suggestions... Hello All- As many of you who see my profile and notice. Quinlan is soon to be 1. WIth this big Birth hopeitworks Mon, 14 Jan 2013 16:46:45 -0600 https://www.medhelp.org/user_journals/show/655851/Book-or-suggestions https://www.medhelp.org/user_journals/show/655851/Book-or-suggestions Walking Monday 1/7/13 Well Im calling this her first walking, as she walked stopped,caught her balance and c hopeitworks Wed, 09 Jan 2013 09:24:06 -0600 https://www.medhelp.org/user_journals/show/650567/Walking https://www.medhelp.org/user_journals/show/650567/Walking Lupron not going to Happen..... So I talked to Tammy the nurse at my OB office today.Lupron just isnt going to happen for me based of hopeitworks Fri, 04 Jan 2013 13:29:54 -0600 https://www.medhelp.org/user_journals/show/645569/Lupron-not-going-to-Happen https://www.medhelp.org/user_journals/show/645569/Lupron-not-going-to-Happen