bzzykaz's MedHelp Blogs Medical communities and forums staffed by doctors from leading medical centers. Over 325 forums and communities providing medical information and medical help. en Moved a little but I decided to do a little bit of exercise while watching TV. It's a start. Of course I need to do mo bzzykaz Fri, 14 Sep 2012 11:28:14 -0400 I need to move I know that I need to exercise. So hard to get moving. It is hard to fight through the fibro fog. bzzykaz Thu, 13 Sep 2012 12:12:53 -0400 Creamer So (apparently, I am starting all my journal entries with the word "so"), my partner came home with t bzzykaz Wed, 12 Sep 2012 15:28:57 -0400 Lunch... So for lunch, I didn't even think about health or calories. My partner suggested macaroni salad with bzzykaz Wed, 12 Sep 2012 15:13:01 -0400