specialmom's MedHelp Blogs https://www.medhelp.org/user_journals/show/973741 Medical communities and forums staffed by doctors from leading medical centers. Over 325 forums and communities providing medical information and medical help. en Full Acronym List for Pregnancy Acronyms: 2WW: Two-week wait (until you can take a pregnancy test) AF: Aunt Flo(w), your period ( specialmom Mon, 19 Feb 2018 08:17:08 -0600 https://www.medhelp.org/user_journals/show/2321490/Full-Acronym-List-for-Pregnancy https://www.medhelp.org/user_journals/show/2321490/Full-Acronym-List-for-Pregnancy CROCK POT RECIPES OR ANY RECIPE SHARE This is an easy one--- tasty and not too salty Chicken with Veggies n Gravy 4 medium carrots, specialmom Wed, 17 Oct 2012 10:16:43 -0500 https://www.medhelp.org/user_journals/show/564562/CROCK-POT-RECIPES-OR-ANY-RECIPE-SHARE https://www.medhelp.org/user_journals/show/564562/CROCK-POT-RECIPES-OR-ANY-RECIPE-SHARE What do you do? So, times are tough and people are in bad situations financially. This is well known and not new new specialmom Thu, 20 Sep 2012 16:58:08 -0500 https://www.medhelp.org/user_journals/show/553241/What-do-you-do https://www.medhelp.org/user_journals/show/553241/What-do-you-do The baseball player My son means everything to me. Well, both of my boys do. Precious and dear do not capture an ounce specialmom Tue, 24 Apr 2012 21:21:33 -0500 https://www.medhelp.org/user_journals/show/354120/The-baseball-player https://www.medhelp.org/user_journals/show/354120/The-baseball-player I miss Thomas the Train Sometimes it is the silliest things that hit you hard. Today, I ran full force into one of those "th specialmom Thu, 23 Feb 2012 12:16:29 -0600 https://www.medhelp.org/user_journals/show/343146/I-miss-Thomas-the-Train https://www.medhelp.org/user_journals/show/343146/I-miss-Thomas-the-Train It starts way too young I just love my 5 year olds spirit. He's never met someone he didn't think was a friend, is almost al specialmom Wed, 19 Jan 2011 15:39:27 -0600 https://www.medhelp.org/user_journals/show/261612/It-starts-way-too-young https://www.medhelp.org/user_journals/show/261612/It-starts-way-too-young Those happy moments in life that are free! We live in a world in which we see and hear terrible things all the time. We don't need spooky Hallo specialmom Mon, 18 Oct 2010 09:03:57 -0500 https://www.medhelp.org/user_journals/show/238845/Those-happy-moments-in-life-that-are-free https://www.medhelp.org/user_journals/show/238845/Those-happy-moments-in-life-that-are-free Who wants to feel my pain? Well, this is not my typical journal entry but one I feel compelled to write. It is not filled with specialmom Tue, 29 Jun 2010 20:49:26 -0500 https://www.medhelp.org/user_journals/show/207654/Who-wants-to-feel-my-pain https://www.medhelp.org/user_journals/show/207654/Who-wants-to-feel-my-pain My heart hurts today. My heart hurts today as that is the only way I can explain it. In fact, I'm sure I can't explain thi specialmom Wed, 26 May 2010 13:37:02 -0500 https://www.medhelp.org/user_journals/show/197117/My-heart-hurts-today https://www.medhelp.org/user_journals/show/197117/My-heart-hurts-today Look for the blessings This journal is not a new concept. We are all told to look for the blessings in our lives. These ar specialmom Mon, 19 Apr 2010 21:33:14 -0500 https://www.medhelp.org/user_journals/show/183971/Look-for-the-blessings https://www.medhelp.org/user_journals/show/183971/Look-for-the-blessings Beauty and memories As I write this journal, I have to say that it is for no one but myself. It may rank as the most bor specialmom Mon, 05 Apr 2010 20:29:15 -0500 https://www.medhelp.org/user_journals/show/178853/Beauty-and-memories https://www.medhelp.org/user_journals/show/178853/Beauty-and-memories