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Jan 11, 2013 by moody_mexh59i25
Groggy from sleeping pill. Took aldara night before. Lots of crunching noise in neck
Apr 09, 2009 by Sweets9790
ok i have gential warts and i've been takin aldara its started to go away in one place, i currently have it in 3 differen...
Mar 26, 2009 by Sweets9790
Im taking Aldara or m GW its been a lil ova a week and it just started burning around my out breaks is this normal like w...
Aug 24, 2008 by cici22
I have hpv,and i had a reoccurence of gw so m doc 0rescribed aldara. ******* hell hole in a packet. after only s couple d...
Mar 25, 2009 by Sweets9790
welll ive been using this cream for my gw and now my skin down there burns like when i touch it is that normal or shud i ...
Jan 06, 2009 by mugsy181
I was diagnosed with GW about 7 weeks ago and i was using aldara. all of the big warts are gone, now im left finding a LO...