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cerabral ataxia
Thank u very much for the responsei wanted to know if there are any side effects of the buspirone treatment??upto what mg...
Anxiety and Buspirone help!?
Im 16 posted yesterday i was first put on xanax but my mom decided they she didnt want me on something addicting or so...
help with switching meds
is it ok to take bupropion xl 150mg at the same time as buspirone 15mg? I am cycling out the bupropion and I am switchin...
Wellbutrin XL and Buspirone... equals weight gain??
I am starting my third week of taking Wellbutrin XL 150mg and Buspirone 30mg. My doctor assured me I would not gain weig...
Buspirone side effects and withdrawal
Started 10 mg per day of Buspirone in November 2008. Began to experience stomach discomfort, burping, some sleep interru...
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Mar 18, 2017 by Jwright1984
Added 5mg Buspirone 3x a day.
Oct 25, 2011 by hc6393
Tuesday went really well. Also discovered today that buspirone is also prescribed for adhd, so no surprise I have been g...
Sep 09, 2009 by Shannon6295
Italics in "Joke" as somebody referred to it as that. Not myself. Another site I visit i got a lot of negative feedb...
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