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What’s Killing Your Libido?

What You Eat May Cool the Heat

What You Eat May Cool the Heat

While there’s no scientific evidence that specific foods can directly lower your sex drive, a diet full of cholesterol-raising foods (like high-fat dairy or red meats) may have a negative effect on your libido. High cholesterol can cause clogged arteries and reduced blood flow to many parts of your body — including your pelvic area. Some men with erectile dysfunction can trace their woes to high cholesterol impeding blood flow to the penis. In women, those artery-clogging fat deposits can affect lubrication, making sex painful, or making it difficult to become aroused or to climax.

Eating a diet full of heart-healthy foods, like whole grains, vegetables and fruits, will get your blood pumping and help you to maintain healthy hormone levels. And when you’re looking for a little something extra to get you in the mood, try one of these libido-boosting foods! 

By Brittany Doohan. Published November 27, 2012. Brittany Doohan is a health and lifestyle writer living in San Francisco.