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Do you have a motto or philosophy that you see as important for you?
Hello everyone! About 2-3 years ago i remember getting a black head under my bottom lip l...
Does norco build up a tolorance
Mine Is Bitchkillahhoe. Add Me !!
Since I have a few posts about liking my status update, I thought I would post this for e...
Is it normal to have lower cramps in you first trimester?
Does anyone have any experience with the gyn oncologists at Sloan in Manhattan.
I need information on the best hospital for adnomyosis treatment in India. Where do I go to...
Im so uncomfortable now, it seems like my butt even hurts, my back, and pelvic too, on top ...
My shin hurts when I run. Any tips on how to reduce the pain?
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Many of you are aware I have not been online as much lately and it is due to some esca...