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Journals about aura

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by jessilb, Apr 17, 2013
Went to eye dr. today because I have been having blurry tunnel vision. He stated that my e...
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by Doomy, Oct 20, 2010
All part of the same headache, I guess. I've had an on-again off-again migraine for abo...
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by Doomy, Oct 18, 2010
And going, and going... fluctuating between actual headache on right side and disorienting ...
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by bcilliers, Jul 30, 2010
The aura has already came and amfighting nuasea
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by marileew, Oct 15, 2009
Scintillating scotoma. Peripheral vision right side. Only lasted a few seconds. Hasn't ...
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by JordanH, Oct 07, 2009
I was on the bus and felt a headache come on that soon got bad. It was a throbbing pain all...
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by JordanH, Sep 20, 2009
11:45pm Felt like brain was bleeding. Wasn't particularly sensitive to light, but saw ...
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by deeneezy, Jun 19, 2009
I wasn't actually sure that it was a migraine because i NEVER have migraines without vi...
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by maryzen, Mar 22, 2009
Today was a headache day. I woke with spots in my left eye. The light spots or aura grew ov...
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I get migraines with a visual aura, which have been haunting me have for over 30 years. Qui...