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by hesterbox, Oct 26, 2012
I've had so much more energy today. I've been happy and excited to feel so good. I...
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by mhardin1369, Dec 11, 2011
So I slept in today with Andrea got up made some breakfast for us, she is on a diet some I ...
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by bebe2011, Aug 02, 2011 - 1 Comment
I HIT MY FIRST MINI GOAL!!!!! YAY!!!!! Well had to get up to a running start, wasnt able to...
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Got some sleep last nigh still dont have as much energy as i would like but all in all i fe...
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Its already day 9 and im loving it i knew i could do it but just to come this far is a bles...
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by netstv, Apr 18, 2011 - 1 Comment
Well here it is and I just updated my tracker. I have 9 days clean off of Norco and I'...
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DAY 9 I was sooooo proud!!!! I ate good yesterday but still had only 810 calories so after...
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by luna208, Mar 20, 2010
Good, No cravings! No anger.
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by dbrowneyedgirl, Jan 06, 2010
i went to two meetings today because i thought i needed a second one..