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by Iaquq, Aug 09, 2013
At 4:55am yesterday on 8/8/2013 I found out I was pregnant with a home pregnancy test. At f...
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by hansen20, Aug 08, 2013 - 6 Comments
Could I have ovulated later in my cycle because my fiance and I did see a thick blue line b...
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by babyblues27932, Aug 02, 2012
still no sign of af. pregnancy symptoms even stronger. hpt bfn cd 47
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by babyblues27932, Jul 23, 2012
took another hpt because i was having pregnancy symptoms & no sign of af. another bfn c...
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by babyblues27932, Jul 13, 2012
was about to leave for a trip to ny...took a hpt on cd 27. bfn :(
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I am 23 with a 2yr old I am not in a happy stable relationship with her father . We had se...
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by MrsREID, May 09, 2011 - 3 Comments
Okay, sooo..today may 9th, is when i was "supposed" to get my period. Hasnt happe...
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by MrsREID, May 06, 2011 - 2 Comments
wow..i cant believe how fast that 2 week wait has gone by....i have barely thought about be...
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okaayyy im almost 10dpo and experiencing this heaviness and cramps like AF is about to st...
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by haz1104, Feb 25, 2011
I got my first BFN last night...kinda expected it..was hoping for it actually, just to know...