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by Littlepony37, Jul 14, 2014
So yesterday I went out to eat and I ordered nachos and a hamburger when I got home I notic...
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by Alonecryin, Nov 23, 2011
sharp pain and bruising to inner Rt palm and Rt thumb
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by JenEpicFarms, Mar 21, 2010
Purple pinky on LH for several seconds. Sharp pain repeatedly on LS under arm (bra area). L...
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by BradyAm, Dec 19, 2009
random shots of pain in vagina while lying bed.
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After I was looking up all those names, I was talking to my boyfriend and he said he wanted...
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Sharp pain in right heel (a.m.) waves of pain in hips and thighs (all day) Right thigh sp...
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** POSSIBLE TRIGGERS: * Started out in the morning as sharp twinges of migraine-esque pa...
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by marileew, Mar 11, 2009
My ears really really hurt. And the back of my head really realy hurts. And the front of my...