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So I went for my scan today and there was a 4 week sac there, in the right place and appear...
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by kimmielou137, Dec 15, 2011 - 3 Comments
I know I had heavy bleeding and nothing has been found but I have hope that when I go back ...
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by ash8ley, Oct 16, 2011
I have an exstremly heavy period and it does not seem to be lightening up at all -_- 3 week...
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Well i went for ua preggo test and neg so they told me to make an appointment and i did but...
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by somemanthacee, May 12, 2011
So today, I start. I went to the gyno yesterday and got a wakeup call. I had weighed mysel...
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I didn't know what to put..I had a nightmare, but i slept so heavy it felt good. I do ...
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by KELISA0229, Jun 06, 2010
ok, we had sex almost everyday during ovulation, what is this bleeding, its too heavy to be...
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I can't seem to mark the start of my period on the chart, so instead I'll mark it w...
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by Marisen, Apr 23, 2010
Weight loss is a tricky balancing act that doesn't take kindly to swinging too much in ...
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by ktobug, Jan 04, 2010
heavy in the morning almost like real p