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by k19kr, Dec 05, 2012
Can someone please help me? I think I might be pregnant but theres no way to know for sure....
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by lilbit2011, Mar 16, 2011
hey guys im back sorry ive been gone so long. i havent had my period this month yet. its to...
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by fattbutt92, Feb 22, 2011
creamy,brown medium spotting light cramps
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My period normally has around a 4 week interval between them. Normally a day less or a day ...
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by Renoire, Jul 08, 2010
two weeks late and what i'm guessing is a period thats mucusy and pale pink...??
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by latasha61, Dec 21, 2009 - 2 Comments
Well it's cycle day 23 and my nerves are at a peak. I'm seriously weighing the chan...
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by WifeofAnt, Oct 30, 2009
I think I might be pregnant. I don't know when to expect my period but my nipples hurt...
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by tiroloca, May 21, 2009
to day evening i bin feeling a bit of cramp but is more like needle-pain....maybe can be im...
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by tiroloca, May 14, 2009
in the whole week I have sex with my husband....this morning was the last time before he tr...
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by laurasteph0924, Apr 17, 2009
today i still have cramps, twinges i would say only on and off since 3dpo. today is 5dpo a...